Saturday, October 30, 2010

Fuglvog: I'm loyal to Lisa

Here's an open letter to the Alaska seafood industry from Arne Fuglvog, a former commercial fisherman and aide to Sen. Lisa Murkowski, who's mounting a write-in bid for re-election. Fuglvog didn't send this to Deckboss; a reader did.

Oct. 28, 2010

Members of the fishing industry,

There are lots of rumours flying during election season, but one that I feel compelled to respond to, is whether I would take a job with Joe Miller or Scott McAdams, if either one is successful in winning the upcoming election.

I have been extremely honored to work for Lisa Murkowski for the past four years. She took a chance on me, when she did not know if I could do the job. She has been such a pleasure to work for and I have the utmost respect for her. Her tremendous support of the fishing industry, our fishing families and coastal communities is unquestionable. I have watched her assume the mantle of Ted Stevens in being the go-to Senator on Alaskan fishing issues.

I did not know Lisa Murkowski when I took the job in DC. I had a very good sense of who I thought she was, but during the four years of working for her, I have truly grown to respect and admire her. I would not work for any other Senator in Washington DC. It is such a personal job and you have to trust and believe in the person you are working for. You don't have to agree with everything that they do or believe in, but you must believe in their honesty, integrity and motives. There is not one question in my mind about Lisa Murkowski's honesty, integrity and willingness to do absolutely everything she can to help Alaska and her constituents.

So, to put this one to bed, I would ONLY work for Senator Lisa Murkowski in Washington DC. Period.


Arne Fuglvog


Anonymous said...

So there you have it.

The most experienced Alaska commercial fisherman EVER to work in Washington DC. What year did Arne start fishing. On the boat in 1970 probably and getting paid by the late 70's.

I would bet that Arne could very well be Chief of Staff by the time the next term is up.

I know alot of folks who are voting for Lisa just because of Arne.

Both Lisa and Arne have been person/fisherman/politician of the year twice at UFA.

No one else has.

Even Ted.

Get out and vote folks but don't write in Arne. Write in MURKOWSKI.


Anonymous said...

Deckboss, I am waiting for some writeup on these 60,000 kings that were scooped up by the pollock fleet. That is probably enough to meet the subsistence needs of the entire Kuskokwim region. Any chance they could send us cod as some sort of compensation?

Phisht said...

Arne.. I hope that you enjoy looking for a new job. I am a 40 year commercial fisherman. Lisa has done me no Wanting to cap liability for oil spills ...Very cozy relationship with Bob Penny, Her opposition to affordable health care for the self employed. Oh and how can I forget her vote for justices whose philosophy indicated that they would decimate the Exxon Valdez damage award. I could go on but these are enough for us to sweep her out the door...VOTE FOR McADAMS and once again Job service is easy to find on the web

Anonymous said...

Don't hold your breath waiting for deckboss to post anything that would call attention to trawl bycatch like the recent stories that appeared in every news outlet.

Deckboss is about advocacy and all the news that is good for his handlers.

Anonymous said...

"I would not work for any other Senator in Washington DC." up, Arne! Of course, this includes any time in the future, right?

The voting season makes me puke.


its good blogger

Anonymous said...

Isn't it a wonderful life when you batting 500, and your totally unaware of your surroundings?

Get out and Vote, and if by chanch, you wish to follow in the footsteps of the UFA, Vote Murkowski!

Person of the Year at UFA?

bobbyt, everyone knows that award only goes to a politician under indictment!

Vote Looser, Vote UFA, batting .500 on the subject for years!

Anonymous said...

Personally I will be thrilled if both go the way of unemployment.

I have found Arne to be of little use, and worse yet lacked the guts to say he wasn't going to even work on the issue, when it came to fishing or CDQ issues.

Like Lease A I do feel he is on the side of big money, with no discussion as to what the voters in the state need or want.

So sad...another person corrupted by the DC $$ and supposed power!!

Anonymous said...

Good thing most of you (im)posters who, except for that Lummi Island JTGranger style, have not the guts to say things to either Arne or Lisa in person.

Anonymous posters. Heck, you could be Osama Bin Laden for all we know.

And if Osama doesn't like Lisa or Arne, that's another good reason to vote for them.

As for batting .500, JT.

Today that would be even more spectacular than Ted Williams when he batted .400

Too darned bad you folks can't vote. Vote for Rossi in your state. That way you will lose your seniority again. As you did with Slade. And Maggy.


Anonymous said...

Since when is loosing seniority such a bad thing, looks like the voters application of term limits is working perfectly.

I guess delusion is the operating procedure at the UFA eh bobbyt?

Or is it monarchy by murkowski thats the proper form of republican government.

The write in canidate, instructed to step down in a primary by the VOTER!

Only the UFA could be this clueless, but of course the Uneducated Fishermen of Alaska allowed bobbyt the chair too!

Anonymous said...

Seniority is important, especially to Alaska.

So how does one get, and more importantly KEEP seniority?

Rule number one for seniority is loyalty to party.

Second, is respect amongst your party peers.

Because of Murkowski failing to respect the Republican Party primary, and her dissing of the Tea Party, she and Alaska are in hot water.

Yes, seniority is important, but Murkowski needs Republican Party to support her and also the new Senators brought in by the Tea Party, to support her.

Murkowski will not have that support.

In the end, politics is all about loyalty, ...

... and she has burned that bridge, and is going nowhere.

In addition, most of the pork that Murkowski has brought home to the fishing industry, benefits many major seafood processing companies which are headquartered in Seattle, which is also where most of the profits go -- to Seattle.

This is why these Washington based seafood industry openly calls Murkowski; "Washington States 3rd Senator".

Trident and the Brindle Bunch are Murkowski's major contributors. Do you really think these donations are for Alaskans, or are they for profits to their corporations?

Natural resource extraction companies that want Alaska's tremendous resources cheap, are flooding Murkowski's campaign with cash. This is a matter of public record.

While seniority matters within a party, loyalty to the State of Alaska's interest's is even more important when choosing a Senator, because if they are selling Alaska's resources cheap for the next 6 years.

Natural resource deals fundamentally effects Alaska's economy in ways which are profound, and long lasting.

Either of the other two choices are better than Murkowski, who has sold her loyalty to the highest bidder, and that is not Alaska.

Remember the "sweetheart deal" sellout to the oil companies that almost happened under her father.

Exxon is contributing to Murkowski. I wonder what they are going to ask for their contributions?

Corporations will have leased the whole state by the time we wake up. How will we pay for our services, if we sell our resources cheap?

It is not too late.

Murkowski will pay a price for party disloyalty.

Anonymous said...

At least we don't have to worry who wins this election, or Arne going to D.C. either.

Don't you just love the Alaskan Republican Party, assisting the Democratic Party Win's every day, just split that vote!

And Lisa, burning another bridge to nowhere, at the Murkowski Family's Ketchikan Branch, of the infamous Bridges to Nowhere!

yukon joe said...

During a townhall meeting in Dillingham in 2008(+-1 year) I asked Murkowski with, Arne by her side, to get rid of crab rationalization as an evil rider from Stevens. She had no concept of how this screwed young, non quota holding fishermen. She wasn't interested in changing that program. In her opening remarks she carried on about how important the development of Pebble Mine would be for Alaska and her campaign contributers. However she was ok with maintaining a high seas interception patrol. I think she supports Alaska fishing families if it fits into her campaign contribution agenda

Anonymous said...

"You know your with a politician from Alaska When...

10. the fundraiser beverage is brew and shots and entertainment is a bug zapper;

9. biographical reasearch reveals a family tree with no branches;

8. the guy at the next table keeps adjusting his shirt button;

7. CBC embossed on a ball cap dosen't stand for Conservative Babtist Church;

6. earmarks are grants from the Federally Entitled Crony Enactments (FECES);

5. Bridges to Nowhere are bridges to a relative's land developement;

4. pork of any cut is the favored meat of the day;

3. the real world is outside;

2. which leaf makes the best toilet paper is approperate dinner conservation; and

1. dinner ends with a round of Oosik jokes.

The official Alaskan Politician Recognization Manuel
Library of Congress #2008934406

Anonymous said...

I guess since you can't vote in AK, all you've got available is to rant on here. Go vote before your polls close (pacific standard time).

Anonymous said...

I did vote, for Scott McAdams(D).

He didn't need a judge, or a voter to explain what loosing a primary means.

Vote UFA, I vote Scab!

Anonymous said...

bobbyt, and friends

Man of the Year, at the UFA?

Anonymous said...

so there you have it.

batting 1000 now boys.

look it up in the adn politics blog from labor day. She runs, she wins

That Mitch McConnell was such a jerkoff that I hope she does caucus with the D's, if it's in Alaska's best interest.


Anonymous said...

1000? No Way. UFA was strumming their foreskin when you guys endorsed Frank over Sarah..

Anonymous said...

ok dummy.

not batting 1000 since the 1800's.

just this election cycle.


and btw, how did you like the job sarah did for you rather than big frank