Thursday, October 7, 2010

UFA likes Parnell for a full four

Here's a press release from the Parnell campaign:

Oct. 7, 2010

United Fishermen of Alaska backs Parnell

ANCHORAGE — Alaska's gubernatorial contest frontrunner Sean Parnell today announced the endorsement of United Fishermen of Alaska, the largest fishing organization in the United States with 38 member organizations that participate in every commercial fishery in nearly every region of the state. Fisheries include salmon, crab, halibut, pollock, Pacific cod and many other species.

Alaska's commercial fishing industry is the largest private employer in the state generating annual revenue in excess of $3 billion.

Today's endorsement comes a day after Parnell met with UFA members and reaffirmed his strong commitment to defend Alaska's fisheries against unreasonable federal management policies. Parnell also addressed many of the statewide issues impacting fishermen in Alaska in that meeting. Gov. Parnell stood up for Alaska's fisheries several times over the past year, fighting federal Steller sea lion regulation, fighting genetically engineered salmon marketing, and funding more marketing for Alaska's seafood.

"I'm glad for the opportunity to stand with Alaska's fishermen," Parnell said. "Their hard work creates a livelihood for families throughout Alaska. I'm humbled by their support."

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Anonymous said...

Alaska needs a Gov that saves our fisheries from plunder and waste, not a Gov that kisses up because it's an election year.