Saturday, October 30, 2010

ASMI hires a new spokesman

The Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute has appointed Tyson Fick as its new communications director.

He replaces Laura Fleming, who moved on recently after 12 years with the state agency.

Fick is a lifelong Alaskan with a marketing degree from Washington State University, an ASMI press release says. He's been a small business owner, a legislative staffer, a chef and a flight dispatcher. Most recently, he served as legislative liaison for the Department of Commerce, Community and Economic Development.

At ASMI, Fick will manage communications with the Alaska seafood industry, policymakers, the media and the public.

He starts work Nov. 16.


Anonymous said...

Fick is a rockstar.

Hardworking kid who used to work for Mary Nelson (Kapsner), former Bethel Representative, as well as for Emil Notte at Commerce.

There were other very well qualified folk who signed up for the job as well and i wish the best for them somewhere else.

Fick will be good at ASMI


Anonymous said...

Oh. And Kudos to a career well done with Laura. Good job over there after all the years in the leg. the time at UFA, etc.