Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Just asking

Hi friends.

Sorry to be silent for a few days, but Deckboss has been traveling.

And he's about to take flight again, this time down to Kodiak for the crab festival and Friday night's big debate featuring candidates for governor.

I'll be sitting on the media panel of questioners, and I'm interested in your suggestions as to what I should ask the candidates.

So, please, help me out by posting your ideas here. Remember, the debate is about the state's seafood industry, so keep your questions fishy!


Anonymous said...

Wes...here's a few general areas, but I imagine they're already on your list:

PQ and 90/10...was this a good idea? If not, then what?

charter halibut and SE versus SC AK

Cook Inlet salmon wars...is there any way to "resolve" the allocation battles?

Everyone talks about a need for a balanced Board of Fisheries: is there such a thing as a "balanced" BOF and, if so, what would it be?

Anonymous said...

Working conditions at some of the seafood companies in Alaska!!!

Ian Pitzman said...

Lease or royalty rates in our States most famous fishery, Bering Sea King Crab, commonly exceed seventy percent.

The industry is struggling to deal with this issue.

How about a question regarding the candidates position on abusive lease rates in catch share programs.

Anonymous said...

Do the candidates see a future for the commercial salmon fishery in Cook Inlet or are sport and dipnet fishermen going to put it out of business?

Anonymous said...

I would like to vote for the candidate who opposes the Pebble Mine development. Could you try to figure out who that person might be? Current Gov. Parnell seems to be side stepping the issue and supposedly is considering vetoing the money appropriated for an independent third party review by the National Academy of Sciences. ....seems like he won't be getting my vote!

BeringFisherman said...

1. Pebble
2. Pebble
3. Pebble

Anonymous said...

Do you think the CDQ program needs an overhaul?

Anonymous said...

Wesley...I missed the debate last night. Is it posted anywhere online? I couldn't find it on APRN or KMXT's websites.

Anonymous said...

i missed most of the debate as well. if it's posted online somewhere, please let us know. also, who in your opinion won the debate?

Deckboss said...

Looks like the audio from last night's debate is now available at www.kmxt.org.