Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Another $10 million coming in Exxon Valdez case

As followers of this blog know, lawyers for plaintiffs in the epic Exxon Valdez oil spill case have been laboriously paying out the winnings since late 2008.

Now the lawyers are asking a federal judge for permission to pay another 781 claims totaling $10.3 million, minus attorney fees.

This money is going to parties with "multiple impairments on their claims," court papers say.

Here is a list showing those who will receive — or maybe won't receive — some money.


Anonymous said...

come on Wes It's still the twelfth application.. Nothing new here...

Anonymous said...

Keep on postin' these as they come out, Wesley...I like to look thru them and see who's getting what. Still sad how many of them are "estates of...", though.

Anonymous said...

I wonder Wesley, will you be alive to post the BP Deepwater Horizon upcoming punitive classics?

"Beware of little expenses, a small leak will sink a great ship."
Ben Franklin

Alaska Oil Spill Commission Final Report 1990, page 194

Never again should the spiller be in charge of a major spill. This position (Reccomendation 38; Government in charge) was supported by the testimony from almost every quarter, including veterans of the response to the gounding of the Exxon Valdez. Ultimately, even the American Petroleum Institution agreed with this conclusion, which tops the commission's list of suggested innovations in the way the United States responds to major oil spills...One of the first bad ideas advanced after the spill was the suggestion that a federal "czar" of high degree be in charge. A federal czar to support a national procrument process is one thing. A boss who dosen't know anything whatsoever, however, constitutes yet another disaster in the making..."

Vote Obama, and you too might need another czar of the imbeciles!

Or was it Palin, the bizzy ditch that's going drill baby, spill?