Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Bristol Bay's new marketplace

Speaking of items for sale, I see the Bristol Bay Regional Seafood Development Association now offers classified ads on its website.

Looks like drift gillnet permit holders and commercial fishing vendors can post free ads for boats, permits, fishing gear, employment and so forth.

Lots of fun to read these, even if you're just looking and not buying!

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Unknown said...

Hi Wesley,
Just wanted to let you know that BBEDC also has a new website for trading boats, nets, gear, etc. at

You will notice that our small, family-owned fish processing plant is listed there for sale (

If you are interested in covering the advent of small, direct marketing fishing operations in Bristol Bay, we are heading there week after next. I have one training on my calendar from the 16-17th in Portland, and then I'll be in Naknek for the remainder of the season.