Sunday, January 31, 2010

Lawsuits a'flyin'

You'll recall Deckboss telling you about a hearing set for Friday in state Superior Court in the case of Aleut Enterprise suing to evict Adak Seafood from the fish processing plant on Adak Island.

Well, Deckboss trudged all the way down to the dang courthouse only to find the hearing had been called off.

It seems the matter has been transferred to federal court.

And, wouldn't you know, Adak Seafood has brought a lawsuit of its own against Aleut Enterprise alleging breach of contract and a bunch of other bad stuff.

By the way, just to remove any mystery, I saw a recent court document in which Kjetil Solberg, who founded the fish plant back in 1998, identifies himself as "plant and operations manager for Adak Seafood" and a resident of the island.


Scott McMurren said...

I <3 Adak. In addition to the seafood plant, there is some darned fine caribou waiting to be harvested. I have never seen so many eagles in my life. Or rats. The RATS. They are large. Very large. Almost as large as the fuel ship from Vladivostok that delivers the gas. I want some pictures on the ground, Deckboss. Send them over to . HA!

Anonymous said...

The case was "removed" to federal court, not transferred. Removal is the term for a case originally filed in state court being addressed in a federal court instead. If it went the other way, the case would be "remanded" to the state court. A case is "transferred" when it is moved from one venue to another - e.g., from Dutch Harbor to Anchorage, etc.

Anonymous said...

This story reminds me of what the Community Development Quota (CDQs) programs did with the millions and millions of dollars from the Bering Sea Pollock Trawler Fishery did. Take it out of the region and maybe the dummies of the region will forget!


Was that Russian/Gazprom deisel spilled into OUR Streams, Ocean and Crab/Fish Grounds??