Monday, February 1, 2010

Halibut update

Here's a press release outlining the full results from last week's International Pacific Halibut Commission meeting in Seattle.


Rod said...

When looking at these stats the one thing that pops out at you, is that the fiqure for how much Halibut was actually caught is never mentioned. Why? You have this years and last years limits but no actual catch limits. All around the world, fisheries set limits, and fishermen exceed those limits. By catch, poaching and lack enforcement are seldom calculated. Could someone give the limit for 1980? Is there a bench mark out there? It still looks to the average Joe/Josephine, that the Wolves are still managing this Chicken Coop. Any comments out there in Fish Biology land?~~Rod-Canadian

Anonymous said...

You can find total historic catch and catch by region in the latest stock assessment at:

Figures 2 and 3.


It's hard to calculate TONS of by-catch tows dumped off the stern while observers are below deck. Or Observers NOT-ON-BOARD 70% of the time. This 70% coverage DOES NOT REPRESENT 70% of tows/hauls. Nor does it count FISH/FOOD slipped over the side when the Observer turns his/her back! IT'S TIME FOR CHANGE!! AY? I reccomend bringing a warship/destroyer into Juneau! Please. The wolves have CAPTURED the FISHhouse!! -PEACE-

ANGRYCRABBER said... also has dirty dragger by-catch # links. draggers ARE DESTROYING YOUR BROODSTOCKS!! -NOT OVER-