Friday, January 15, 2010

Who needs survival suits?

The trawler Topaz. USCG photo

Here's some news from the U.S. Coast Guard:

Jan. 14, 2010

Cutter terminates fishing vessel voyage for safety violation

KODIAK — The Coast Guard cutter Acushnet terminated the voyage of the commercial fishing vessel Topaz after a boarding Thursday about 14 miles southeast of Cape Chiniak.

A boarding team found the vessel master operating without any immersion suits available for the crew. The Coast Guard requires commercial fishing vessels to operate with immersion suits available for each crewmember in appropriate sizes.

"This was a serious oversight by the crew of the fishing vessel Topaz and could have resulted in a significant loss of life had it not been for the vigilance of the Acushnet's boarding team," said Lt. Kirk Fistick, operations officer for the Acushnet. "We were happy to clear the violation upon returning to Kodiak, where the survival suits were stored."

At the time of the boarding, the Topaz, a stern trawler, was conducting a test trawl in an approved area to ensure all fishing gear was operational.

All vessels are reminded that they must carry immersion suits at all times while under way.

The vessel's crew was escorted by the Acushnet to the Kodiak port. The boarding team remained on board during the transit.

"The boarding team from the cutter Acushnet was able to inspect the survival suits that were waiting at the pier, allowing the fishing vessel Topaz to get under way the next day," Fistick said.

The crew of the Acushnet boarded four other vessels Thursday in the Kodiak area.


Anonymous said...

come on Topaz, how do you forget your survival suits? Don't give the coasties more reason to be out boarding us all the time, its bad enough already.

Anonymous said...

How in this era does a vessel even leave the dock without survival suits? Not only did this cause an unnecessary fuel expense, it took the cutter out of commission where they might have serviced some other vessel in distress.


This stupid move shows the depth of concern these dragger owners have for Human Life. How can we trust them to preserve OUR FISH and CRAB Stocks?? How much do they CARE about SUSTAINABLE HABITAT?? What do they care about?? $$$$$ICKENING!! -Angry Crabber-

Anonymous said...

Is this what passes as journalism these days? Taking a uscg "police blotter" and trying to blow it up into a big story...if the uscg didn't find it serious enough to actually issue a violation maybe there's more to the story.
Pretty impressive hate-blog you've got here.