Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Sept. 21: D-Day for snow crab fishery?

Earlier this summer we touched on the subject of how this winter's Bering Sea snow crab fishery could be headed for a deep cut in the catch limit due to lack of progress under a federal stock rebuilding plan.

The possibility is partly a function of legal requirements, coupled with the results of this summer's at-sea survey of the crab population.

The state manages the snow crab fishery, one of the state's most valuable crab harvests. But it appears ultimate authority for setting the upcoming season's catch limit rests in federal hands.

So when will we know something?

According to this letter, the feds plan to specify the maximum harvest rate by Sept. 21.

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Anonymous said...

These "legal requirements" were put in place to protect the future of the fishery and the crab stocks.
If the biomass dose'nt support the requirements for a season or a reduced quota so be it.since when do we second guess the system and change the requirements when we don't like the results...
Oh thats right , since CRAB RATZ