Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Possible buyer of Adak fish plant comes clearer

I've been able to peel away a bit of the mystery surrounding a potential buyer of the assets of Adak Fisheries, which has filed for bankruptcy.

The processor's main creditor, Independence Bank of Rhode Island, is asking the court to OK a sale to an outfit called Adak Seafood LLC.

As you might recall, Deckboss was unable to tell you very much about Adak Seafood a few days ago.

A friendly reader has since steered me to the following fine print in certain court documents:

Adak Seafood's address is care of a law firm in Providence, R.I.

The company's managing member is listed as Asbjorn Drevik.

Adak Fisheries, in its bankruptcy filing, listed Norwegian seafood company Drevik International AS as a top creditor with a "disputed" $3.8 million claim.

In checking Drevik International's Web site, I see an Asbjørn Drevik listed as a company contact.

The next hearing is scheduled for Oct. 7 in the bankruptcy court in Anchorage.

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