Monday, September 28, 2009

Salvage plans emerge for grounded tender

Here's the salmon tender Unimak, which went aground Thursday near Chignik. Three crewmen got off safely in a life raft and were taken to shore on the good Samaritan boat Sylvia Star. Magone Marine out of Dutch Harbor has been hired for the salvage job, the U.S. Coast Guard reported today. The 83-foot, wood-hulled tender had about 800 gallons of diesel on board. USCG photo


Anonymous said...

that boat was in bad shape anyways, her starboard aft quarter was always underwater. I am glad the crew is safe n sound. I have a photo aboard her while I am standing on deck I am in 8 inches of water. Crazy stuff

Anonymous said...

From what I've read she hit a rock. Most of these classic, old boats meet their end by fires (old wiring that's not updated), and careless people at the wheel (hitting 'charted' rocks). These old boats are quite buoyant. Most likely she wouldn't have gone down from water on her aft deck.