Thursday, April 16, 2009

Johnson board appointment shot down

Real quick, let me tell you that state legislators today voted 42-16 against confirming Brent Johnson for the Board of Fisheries (Deckboss, April 14).

I'll provide a vote breakdown later when I've got a bit more time.


Anonymous said...

typical bad job from Juneau... shoot down an honest, dedicated person who would have brought integrity to the BOF process. Maybe we can get a guy from "north of Fairbanks" who knows nothing about Cook Inlet but can take his cues from Phil Cutler and Bob Penny. Get us back to the good old days of vote trading that came with the Penny-Knowles-Coffee BOF. They don't want Brent mostly because he is honest.

Anonymous said...

The way they voted, you'd think Brent was in the hands of some evil corporation... /snark

He actually has nothing to do with corporations or big oil, that's why they piled on him. Notice, too, that the only ones who could afford to haul their butts down to Juneau were the sports fishing lobbyists. Hardworking Alaskans get no respect.

Anonymous said...

Ah, Brent himself said hard working Alaskans from the Interior deserve respect and representation on the Board of Fisheries.