Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Don Giles to retire at Icicle

Here's a recent press release about changes at the top at Icicle Seafoods Inc., one of Alaska's biggest processors:

Dennis Guhlke Named Chief Executive Officer of Icicle Seafoods

Brenda Morris appointed CFO

Company Looks to Build on Success Driven by the Leadership of Retiring CEO, Don Giles

SEATTLE, April 17, PRNewswire – Icicle Seafoods, Inc., a diversified seafood harvesting, processing and marketing company, today announced the appointment of Dennis Guhlke to the position of President and Chief Executive Officer, effective July 1, 2009. Mr. Guhlke succeeds Don Giles, who will retire as CEO on June 30, 2009 after 36 years at Icicle. Mr. Giles will continue to serve as an advisor for the next three years to Icicle on various projects. Mr. Giles has been Chief Executive Officer since 1994.

Read the rest of the release here.

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Anonymous said...

Advice to new Icicle owners.... Don't let him get too far away. This guy swings a big stick and has done one heck of a job for fishermen across the state as well as his employees and support industries.

Dennis has big shoes to fill and while he'll do well, it would be wise to keep Giles as close as a phone call away at all times. It's men like Don Giles whose dedication to Alaska, his instinct and drive is what has kept the hope and faith in the Alaska salmon industry alive in what was our darkest moment 5 -6 years ago.

We're back and while we're happy for him to have more time with the family and maybe he'll get to go hunting with dad, peder and I ... finally....the entire industry will miss his drive who went from the 'manager' of the icehouse to the top of one of the finest seafood companies ever put together. Hard to imagine it's been 15 years already since he took over for the late Bob Brophy.