Saturday, February 16, 2013

Trawler hit with $325,442 enforcement action

Federal enforcement officials have charged the owner and operator of the F/V Pacific Challenger with fishing for Pacific cod in the Western Gulf of Alaska without having a license limitation permit.

A $325,442 notice of violation and assessment has been issued.

The case is listed in a NOAA enforcement summary for the second half of 2012.

You can see several more Alaska cases starting on page 1 of the summary. And on page 16 are five Alaska cases that have settled. One of those, involving the F/V Alaska Dawn, settled for $130,326.

According to state records, the Pacific Challenger is a 116-foot trawler that belongs to Pacific Dawn LLC of Seattle.


Anonymous said...

How arrogant- not only do they think nothing of needlessly trashing other peoples fish, they don't even have to follow the laws like everyone else.

Anonymous said...

They have to follow the rules, that's why they were busted.

Keep on surfing the seas, there are a lot of pirates out there killing off the sea life.

Anonymous said...

Talk about just a slap on the wrist!?!...Oh Dawn! Somebody must have let one past the scuppers!..This is a prime example of how careless the industry can be! Or they just don't care! The vessel owner must know people in High Places to get a reduced fine like the first boat offense. We need MORE RESTRICTIONS in place! One comes to mind for the CodFish fishery. The amount of sweepwire being used should be limited! How effective is the sweepwire to catch fish verses, the amount of damage it does?...Crunching the net again? It's time to crunch some more numbers!

Anonymous said...

Alaska fisheries is the crookedest industry in the whole world. All involved are in the bars and beds together!

Anonymous said...

i will bet the person that left that last comment is from South Dakota, if i didnt spell that right, lets try Nebraska?