Monday, May 9, 2011

Plans finalized for Norton Sound herring fishery

Norton Sound Economic Development Corp. and Icicle Seafoods Inc. have put together a deal to support a sac roe herring fishery in Norton Sound.

"Icicle Seafoods will bring a processing vessel to Norton Sound to purchase herring from resident fishermen," says an NSEDC press release issued today. "Icicle will also bring four tender vessels to the region to facilitate the fast-paced fishery.

"The Norton Sound fishery generally opens three weeks after the Togiak opener farther south. Current estimates would put this year's Norton Sound opener, which is always subject to change, at the end of May.

"The harvest target for 2011 is set at 1,000 tons. Fishermen will be paid on a sliding scale according to the percentage of roe recovery."

The herring will pay between $190 and $350 a ton, depending on roe content, with herring for bait paying $50 a ton, the press release says.

Last year's sac roe herring fishery, the first held since 2006, attracted nearly 30 boats.

NSEDC is a nonprofit established under the federal Community Development Quota program. It represents 15 communities including Nome and outlying villages.

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Anonymous said...

NSEDC promised villagers in Brevig Mission and Teller a chance at this season's herring fishery "if" the harvest target of 1,000 isn't all caught further south near Unalakleet.

The carrot is hanging from a very long pole alright. The northern fishers are not geared up or licensed to get involved on such a short notice! If the "nearly 30 boats" are still in the playing field down Unalakleet way, my forecast is NADA for the Brevig Mission and Teller fishers who have been begging NSEDC to help them get involved in "fisheries related economic activity".