Sunday, May 15, 2011

New directors named at Fish and Game

Here's the press release:

May 12, 2011

Alaska Department of Fish and Game announces new subsistence director and Board of Fisheries executive director

JUNEAU — Commissioner Cora Campbell recently filled two leadership positions for the Alaska Department of Fish and Game. Hazel Nelson was appointed director of the Division of Subsistence, and Monica Wellard has been appointed executive director of the Board of Fisheries.

"I'm pleased that Hazel Nelson and Monica Wellard have joined the department's leadership team. Both are highly respected professionals with excellent leadership skills and experience," Campbell said. "I look forward to their contributions to the department and the public."

Hazel Nelson's many years of experience include hands-on work with state and federal resource regulatory processes, local governments and economic development bodies. She has worked with the North Pacific Fishery Management Council, the Lake and Peninsula Borough, Bristol Bay Economic Development Corp., the U.S.-Russia Intergovernmental Consultative Committee and the Southwest Alaska Municipal Conference. Hazel was born and raised in Egegik and understands the importance of providing sustainable subsistence opportunities for all Alaskans. She will be stationed in the Anchorage office.

Monica Wellard has 18 years of service with ADF&G in which she has held several positions, each with increasing levels of responsibility and authority. Wellard served for five years as assistant director with the Division of Sport Fish, and previously held the administrative operations manager position with the Division of Commercial Fisheries. Her experience and familiarity with fisheries are great assets in her new position. Monica will be stationed in the Juneau headquarters office.

Nelson takes over the lead position in the Division of Subsistence from Jim Simon, subsistence program manager, who has been serving as acting director for the last few months. Wellard will replace Jim Marcotte, who is retiring after 28 years with the department.


Anonymous said...

I remember years ago Hazel Nelson, on the NPFMC AP at the time, voting for the interests of her CDQ group trawlers instead of the subsistence salmon users in her area.

Robin Samuelson had a few words with her and I think she changed her vote.

Wonder where her allegiances lie today???

Anonymous said...

She has a tough job because Salmon Subsistence issues are complicated by the ByCatch of the Salmon in the Sea. Perhaps her experience with NPFMC will help.

Anonymous said...

The Parnell administration needs to practice what it preaches and show respect for the mother of all mothers: Mother Earth.

Anonymous said...

The question I have is: Will these two ladies have the guts to be actively involved in the dirty politics of the fisheries issues that surround both entities? I predict that they will become efficient paper shakers and peacemakers. The State wants to continue to coast on the fisheries issues.

Anonymous said...

The CDQ program has become the greatest weapon in trawl industry's political toolkit evar. CDQ program payments/bribery to key individuals from coastal communities has silenced opposition to destructive fishing practices that are destroying a way of life for rural Alaskans. What a travesty and what a shame that the State of Alaska has done nothing to stop it.