Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Governor likes Olson for another term on council

Here's the press release from the governor's office:

March 16, 2011

Gov. Parnell makes nominations to fisheries council

JUNEAU — Gov. Sean Parnell today nominated Eric Olson for consideration by the U.S. secretary of commerce for continued service on the North Pacific Fishery Management Council. The governor also named Ragnar Alstrom and Jack Schultheis as alternate nominees.

"Eric has provided outstanding leadership on the council, and his continued service will advance Alaska's interests," Parnell said. "Each of these nominees is knowledgeable and experienced in management and conservation of the fishery resources in the North Pacific."

Olson, of Anchorage, is finishing his second term on the council and is the current chair.

Olson was born and raised in rural Alaska, is a Bristol Bay Native Corp. shareholder, and is a lifelong commercial fisherman. He is the director of offshore fisheries for Yukon Delta Fisheries Development Association, and formerly served as the regional seafood financial manager for Kwik’pak Fisheries LLC.

Olson also serves on the Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission, the North Pacific Research Board and the North Pacific Marine Science Foundation. He earned bachelor's degrees in management as well as accounting from the University of Alaska Anchorage.

Alstrom, of Alakanuk, is the executive director of Yukon Delta Fisheries Development Association as well as a commercial fisherman, having participated in salmon, halibut, crab and herring fisheries in the Yukon region. Alstrom also serves on the Yukon River Panel and the Bering Sea Fishermen's Association board of directors, in addition to his former service on the NPFMC's Advisory Panel from 1998-2002. He is a former mayor of Alakanuk.

Schultheis, of Emmonak, is the general manager of Kwik’pak Fisheries LLC. He has been involved in processing for 38 years, mostly in Western Alaska fisheries, for companies such as 10th & M Seafoods, North Alaska Fisheries, Yukon Delta Fish Marketing Co-operative, ANPAC Fisheries and Whitney-Fidalgo Seafoods. Schultheis is currently a member of the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute board of directors.

The NPFMC manages over 900,000 square miles of ocean and is responsible for managing halibut, cod, sole and other groundfish in the Bering Sea, the Gulf of Alaska and Aleutian Islands waters. Established by the Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation Act, the council is one of eight regional councils dedicated to the oversight of the nation’s fisheries.

The Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act, which was originally signed into law in 1976, empowers the commerce secretary to choose the final appointee from applicants nominated by governors of coastal states.


Anonymous said...

Another round of Olson giving me my 3 minutes to speak in the public testimony and looking very pained that I might know anything or have something to share after 30 plus years of fishing full time all over the state. Been ther done that.... too many times! I call it the "Olson...3 and out!" But any past big shot or power player walks in the door of the public testimony venue and he is the first to stop the meeting and recognize them(or kiss their ass as the case may be!) Nice guy.. but wish he would have a little respect for the common fisherman that was hauling crab pots out west when he was still a kid! We might actually have something to offer even when we don't have a lobbyist pushing our agenda.

Anonymous said...

Good for Eric, but the full list was quite a love-fest for YDFDA. With the other names also being from YDFDA, it looks like Parnell is worried about the Sec. of Commerce going with soneone other than his preferred nominee.

Anonymous said...

Well...Eric, Jack and Ragnar are all good guys...but Jack is the no-bullshit guy that would be good to have at the table. It would be fun, too.

As to Parnell's worries: what to you expect? He's taking shots at the administration at every opportunity...warranted or not.

Why should Obama's crew do Zero any favors? Eric has done a good job, but nobody should fool themselves to think they're the only one for the job.