Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Cora Campbell picks up support for confirmation

Cora Campbell appears to be gaining momentum in her bid to secure confirmation as commissioner of the Alaska Department of Fish and Game.

Here's a sampler of letters sent recently to state legislators. Campbell is finding support from commercial and recreational fishing groups, the state's largest Native organization, a respected marine conservation group, and Community Development Quota players.

Some, however, say she lacks the proper background for the position.

United Fishermen of Alaska — supports

Chitina Dipnetters Association — supports

Alaska Federation of Natives — supports

Alaska Marine Conservation Council — supports

Western Alaska Community Development Association — supports

Sara Jackinsky — opposes


Anonymous said...

After what she let happen at the Upper Cook Inlet BOF meeting. Atrocious behavior that she should have stopped. Don't think she is ready for dog catcher. Another unwise choice by Parnell that will do nothing but be detrimental to Comm. Fish.

Anonymous said...

Typical dopey comment from UCI comm fish.

Anonymous said...

who the hell is Sara Jackinsky

Anonymous said...

Sara Jackinsky is someone who obviously never met an authentic Alaskan Fishing Family. It is relatively common for fishing families to take kids much younger than 10 years old out fishing. Talk about someone out of touch with reality!

Anonymous said...

The Jackinsky family is an old Alutiiq-Russian family in Cook Inlet. They have lived and fished in Alaskan waters from sometime over the horizon of anyone's memory. The book "Any Tonnage, Any Ocean: Conversations with a Resolute Alaskan" compiled by J.B. Pels is about Sara Jackinsky's uncle Walter, a long-time commercial fisherman and Alaska ferry captain, and the family's history. Sara Jackinsky is qualified to address commercial fishing issues as a commercial fisherman and a resident of Cook Inlet with a long history of involvement in our communities. Sara Jackinsky understands that Governor Parnell is intentionally damaging Alaska's commercial fisheries, the economic backbone of the rural Alaskan coast including Cook Inlet. One could suppose that his reasoning for this is the pleasure of the oil and mineral industries: if the commercial fisheries are destroyed oil and mining interests will be able to get away with environmental murder for little or no cost or legal retribution. Outside of Bristol Bay, sports and personal use fishermen will not defend the environment necessary for healthy fisheries. Their heritage does not derive from the sea, their jobs do not depend on the health of fish.

Anonymous said...

"Sara Jackinsky(D) understands that Gov Parnell is intentionally damaging Alaska's commercial fisheries?"

I suppose those Alutiiq-Russian roots, don't let their children start fishing until their 37?
The statement is a lie, ever been to Homer, where the children are fishin in diapers.

"...she has been fishing since the early 1990's. She is age 31 now so this would put her at about 10...Please Honor this state...?"

Vote Drunk, like the last Commissioner and their previous models of corrupt politicians and drunk's, the education model Sara loves. Honor Stoli' Vodka Forever.

"Honor is a plant of such slow growth that once it has been killed to the root new seeds must be sow & time allowed for their developement. They will thrive to the worst as their bed is tainted."
Thomas Jefferson(R)

Anonymous said...

Cheers - looks like a lot of drinking and thinking going on here.

Anonymous said...

definitely more drinking going on by anonymous @ 5:23. All of his best (or worst) posts all seem to come around 4 or 5 am. Put down the bottle and go to bed, already!

Anonymous said...

Maybe its time the fishing industry to look into regional Boards of Fish... The time is ripe, Maybe Rep Thomas will take the lead on some new legislation.