Monday, January 3, 2011

What a year

Fish of the year: This bumblebee halibut, caught by the crew of the fishing vessel Atka Pride in September in the Aleutians.

Deckboss took a few minutes over the weekend to review the news of 2010 and compile this Top 10 list of the biggest stories. By all means, tell me where I've gone wrong!

Crossing the bar: Iconic former Sen. Ted Stevens dies in an August plane crash that also takes the life of Bill Phillips, owner of the Bering Sea pollock mothership Excellence.

Super salmon season: Alaska's commercial salmon harvest was worth $534 million dockside, the best since 1992.

Lisa's fight: Sen. Lisa Murkowski retains her job after an unlikely write-in victory.

Drilling ban: The Obama administration nixes oil and gas leasing in Bristol Bay.

Business breakup: Partners American Seafoods and Coastal Villages Region Fund divide the fleet and go their separate ways.

We're watching you: The North Pacific Fishery Management Council overhauls the groundfish observer program, extending coverage to new classes of fishing boats including the halibut fleet.

Steller troubles: The National Marine Fisheries Service moves to close Aleutian fishing grounds to conserve fish endangered Steller sea lions need for food. The state in turn sues NMFS in a bid to block the restrictions.

Exxon Valdez money: The slow and tedious payout of winnings from the Exxon Valdez oil spill case continues, with a $99 million chunk disbursed just before year's end.

Personnel moves: Obama administration names Eric Schwaab of Maryland as the new head of NMFS; Juneau's Jim Balsiger returns home to head NMFS in Alaska; Cora Campbell takes over for Denby Lloyd as Alaska's fish and game commissioner.

Semper paratus: The U.S. Coast Guard reports saving 142 lives in Alaska, but loses three of its own from Sitka in a July helicopter crash off the coast of Washington state.


Anonymous said...

Wesley, you know what would be interesting? A breakdown of the CVRF/American divorce. Didn't Coastal own almost 50% of American? But, they only came away with 1 boat (out of 8?) How much of the DFA did they get?. How much debt did they have to buy their way out of? Did they take one in the shorts just to get out, or did they get a fair deal?

Anonymous said...

But Wesley? Your Salmon number?


Less the inflation cacualtion?

It dosent exist, in true dollars
$838,380,000.00, would mean best since 1992.