Thursday, January 6, 2011

Parnell's pick for commissioner draws more heat

Another group is opposing Gov. Sean Parnell's choice of Cora Campbell as commissioner of the Alaska Department of Fish and Game.

Here's a letter the Ketchikan Herring Action Group sent to state legislators urging them to vote against Campbell's confirmation.


Anonymous said...

Since when are two people a group? And one person is a committee? Andy Rauwolf has also gone by the name of Ketchikan Herring Action Committee. He is a wingnut just like Joe Miller as you can see.

Anonymous said...

Seem's like he made a few valid points?
Like Lisa knows anything whatsoever about Eonomics or West Point, as the Sitka Letter Reveals.
Economics from Murkowski? There' a hoot, with the National embarrasement called Lisa Murkowski, and every paper, everwhere, discussing her Daddys Bridge to Nowhere, Ketchikan, in the Wall Street Journal!
"Congress's Broken Window"
Wonderland, by Daniel Henninger

"The spending reforms that Speaker John Boehner and his counterinsurgency lieutenants have proposed...But if you think Congress, by itself, is going to sustain this discipline over tme, I have a Bridge in Alaska I'd like to sell you..."

Anonymous said...

And Alaska's Greatest Committee of One!

Don Young, his favorite state, Florida, and the Coconut Grove Interchange!


Daddy sang Frank
Mama sang Trevor,
Me and little Ben
just joined right in there...

Anonymous said...

All of the previous posters have made great points, except for the second and third. Step away from the keyboard, people.

Anonymous said...

Joel, get off the babysitter.

Anonymous said...

I always thought wingnuts are required, for election to the committee of 1.

Congressman Young has been included in the annual listing of the most corrupt members of congress complied by Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington in 2007, 2008 and 2009 reports on congressional corruption for abusing his position to benefit family and friends, and for steering millions of dollars in earmarks to corporations in exchange for contributions to his campaign committee and political action committee.

Step Up to the Key Board, and you too can wonder why Don Young, Committee of 0, dosent have a committee anymore!

Anonymous said...

Dosent (av latin docere, undervise, fra tysk Dozent over dansk docent) er en tittel på en innehaver av et dosentur, som er en forsknings- og undervisningsstilling ved universiteter og høyskoler. Dosent kan også være en tittel som er knyttet til vedkommendes vitenskapelige kompetanse. Tittelen dosent som brukt i Skandinavia tilsvarer omtrent den britiske tittelen Reader.