Saturday, June 13, 2009

Oil drilling and Bristol Bay

So, are you aware that the federal government has proposed an offshore oil and gas lease sale for Bristol Bay in 2011?

Here's an article I wrote for the latest issue of Petroleum News about how one sale supporter is fighting for protection of fisheries.


steve said...

Hey Wesley,
For folks interested in the issue a good source of info is the North Aleutian Basin Energy-Fisheries Workshop Proceedings from March 18-19 2008 put together by Alaska Sea Grant. Its $15, but gives a good overview of all the issues and plans/opinions by the Oil Industry, MMS, ADF&G, NOAA, and the major players in the industry. Your local library should have a copy, if not you should tell them to get one.

Deckboss said...

Thank you, Steve!

steve said...

Here it is for free in PDF. Didn't see this at first.


Anonymous said...

Steve/Wes - thanks for this information.
All of those effected by the fishery and the job issues that this may or may not offer.
Rose R