Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Brig

Deckboss is launching a new feature today called The Brig.

It's a companion blog offering law enforcement news from around the Alaska commercial fishing world.

Look to starboard for a link or click here.

Check out The Brig daily for reports of fishing violations, violence, vandalism and even the occasional wastrel gone wrong.

Remember, just because someone is named in these reports doesn't necessarily signify guilt.


Anonymous said...

This will be interesting reading.

Looking forward to reading the Fish Cop news after I return from the Bay.

Hope my name doesn't end up here.


Fish Guy

Phisht said...

I think your efforts are better served elsewhere. We as commercial fishermen are constantly under scrutiny and there is a body out there that would like to see our demise. Parading our dirty laundry around in public only ads fuel to their fire. Perhaps timely market analysis and current ex-vessel prices would be a better use of blog space...Thanks