Monday, June 29, 2009

Bristol Bay update: Sockeye run really surging now

Bristol Bay fishermen caught 1.83 million sockeye on Sunday.

That's slightly above the 1.8 million fish per day processors told the state they could handle this year at maximum capacity.

Sunday's catch was also the third consecutive day we've seen catches in excess of 1 million fish.

Obviously, the salmon run is really surging now so I'm not surprised to see processors impose buying limits, as we reported earlier today.

The total catch through Sunday is 8.2 million sockeye.


Kristin said...

Thanks for this blog, Wes, its getting harder and harder to get fishing news. And, what ever happened to Cash Buyers anyway?

Anonymous said...

Fish On! Lets just hope they are rewarded for their HARD WORK with a better price this year. Pretty early for this big run; no husband is busting his tail out there!