Friday, May 22, 2009

Togiak herring harvest in full swing

Buy some herring roe? Please? ADF&G photo

I've been remiss this week in not mentioning the ongoing Togiak herring fishery.

The state’s biggest sac roe herring harvest occurs each May near the remote Bristol Bay village of Togiak.

This year’s quota is a healthy 21,260 tons.

The fishery opened last Saturday and continues at least through today, the state Department of Fish and Game says.

Last year, purse seiners and gillnetters combined for a harvest of 20,435 tons, worth $2.6 million ex-vessel (off the boat).

That’s small change compared to the value of many other Alaska commercial fisheries.

A depression has gripped the Togiak fishery for several years now due to weak Japanese demand for herring roe.

In better times, in 1995, Togiak herring paid fishermen nearly $17 million.

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Anonymous said...

Thinking about coming to Alaska for a fishing job. Any hope? Not much on the gov web pages or the private employers.