Monday, May 11, 2009

Sarah, salmon and world hunger

Here's a New York Times blog item about Gov. Sarah Palin's nonappearance Friday at a Big Apple function touting Alaska canned salmon as international food aid.

The writer, Kim Severson, is a former reporter and editor at the Anchorage Daily News.


Anonymous said...

Interesting that the new york times reporterette ended her article with a swipe at Sarah. She forgot to mention that the new york times is laying off people and losing money. I believe you and all the rest of the press thought that if you attacked Sarah enough that everybody would love you but I think the new york times and anchorage daily news and others have found out otherwise. If this stupid reporter was from alaska, she did not know what goes on up here. Maybe if you actually like alaska you could straighten her out. Mike Svenson Sitka

Anonymous said...

Funny you would think that the NYT or ADN live or die on SP news!!!
Believe me so few in NY or other places that read that paper give a darn about news and swipes on Palin.
She is OLD news and will soon be facing a future much like Dan Q.
It was nice to see a write up on AK Seafood that goes to those in need.
Swipe or no swipe!