Thursday, November 18, 2021

Governor orders bycatch task force

Alaska Gov. Mike Dunleavy has issued an administrative order to establish an Alaska Bycatch Review Task Force.

"It's imperative that the state's fisheries are managed in a way that ensures their success for future generations," Dunleavy said in a press release. "By bringing together stakeholders, to include sport and commercial fishermen, federal and state fisheries managers, lawmakers, and the general public, this task force will provide valuable recommendations to help better understand and address the issues of bycatch."

Recent declines in halibut, crab, and certain salmon stocks have "focused attention on the issue of bycatch," the press release said.

The task force will have 13 voting members appointed by the governor, and two nonvoting members of the Legislature.


Anonymous said...

One of the voting members appointed to the task force is ADF&G commissioner Doug Vincent. At the State bycatch meeting with the House Fisheries Committee this is what Doug had to say about 4 Million pounds of by catch by 6 trawling companies.

"we are reviewing all the materials at the present time but we don’t have a position yet on what we’re going to do."

Vincent's response on trawler impacts on crabs and other species.

"I am going to defer an answer on that because I have not given that a good deal of thought."

After 6 years of debate on bycatch, dramatic decreases in halibut stocks, cancelation of crab fisheries the head guy for fish and game appears to be willfully clueless. No wonder the fisheries management is pushing the stocks into collapse.

Anonymous said...

Sure, spin your wheels for a year to "study what impacts bycatch has on fisheries" with no authority to change anything. What a ridiculous waste of time. Disband this smoke screen of a process designed to punt the issue until after the next election (while allowing the Governor to claim he's doing something about bycatch). Task force members, take note: on day one, all the non-trawl voting members (who hold a majority) should make a motion demanding the Governor actually use his seat (and Alaska's majority control) to IMMEDIATELY do this in the Council process via FMP amendments and the Council's thorough, albeit glacially-paced, process. Then disband the task force. Anything else is just a waste of everyone's time. I mean, seriously, was the task force idea floated to the Gov by the trawl interests to delay action? It sure seems so.

Anonymous said...

Guess the previous commenters don't believe to sticking to the science? Their desired outcomes are not supported by the science...therefore the process is broken. If folks did their own homework, read the documents it would highlight the actual facts. Trawlers are not afraid of the facts...iwhen there are demonstrate impacts they have stepped up to invest in research and programs to reduce those impacts. The NPFMC Council folks are complaining about have taken action...guess just not the action the commenters want. Wastage in the directed halibut that has little to no observer coverage (oh yes...the facts are the Bering Sea trawlers have two observers, scales and multiple cameras) apparently are not a concern. Incidental catch of over 200,000 Red King Crab in the Pot cod fisheries...little to no observer big deal. Seems contridictory but if the facts don't support your position...ignore them and mislead folks with misinformation. Is that the way you think fishery management should me your facts and convince me your views are correct.

Anonymous said...

Check out the weekly bycatch reports. It is obvious trawl bycatch is huge compared to bycatch in any other fishery. The buck stops with Governor Dunleavy on this issue. He appoints the Alaskan reps on the NPFMC who can make meaningful bycatch reductions.

Anonymous said...

10:17 Sticking to the science? The science around trawler bycatch is fake. Trawlers change their behavior when the observers are onboard, making the observer data biased to show less bycatch. If that were not true then why are trawlers fighting video cameras for all trips?

Anonymous said...

We are talking about a public resource, lets just put it on the ballot for the voters to decide.

Outlaw bottom trawlers - YES or NO