Saturday, November 13, 2021

Bycatch in the spotlight

The Alaska House Special Committee on Fisheries will meet at 10 a.m. Monday for "an informational hearing on bycatch in Alaska fisheries."

The committee won't be taking public testimony. Click here for the list of invited witnesses.

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Anonymous said...

Third witness down - David Witherell NPFMC.

Witherell is the Exectutive Director of the council, a position previously held by Chris Oliver. In June of 2021 Chris Oliver went to work for a large trawler organization as a "special advisor". Witherell recently posted a opinion in National Fishermen where he defended the decision to allow censorship of public comments. The decision followed a particularly vehement and expansive public outcry for more curbs on trawler bycatch in the April 2021 NPFMC meeting. The public comment changes were unique in how quickly it was implemented. Normally the council is slow to make any changes (pointed out by editor in chief of National Fisherman).

My prediction - Witherell will be very pro-trawler and utilize the stall tactic of "more study is needed before we can cut bycatch". Expect a big nothing from this meeting.