Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Gulf of Alaska cod regains MSC certification

Here's a press release.


Anonymous said...

LOL they overfished it into collapse and it still gets the MSC certification.

Anonymous said...

I fished cod in the gulf through the mid 90's up into the 2010's.

At first there were big cod and lots of them.

Then there were less big cod but still lots of cod.

After that there were no big cod but still lots of cod.

Then there were less cod.

Now there are no cod.

Warm water bubble is a convenient excuse for the outcome of overfishing.

Anonymous said...

MSC is a joke. The Bering Sea trawlers are are certified with all the bycatch of Halibut, Blackcod, herring, Salmon and crab? That’s all you need to know about MSC.