Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Update on the F/V Alaska Juris

All 46 people off the F/V Alaska Juris have been rescued safely, the U.S. Coast Guard reports.

More details in this news release.

The Coast Guard also has posted some video.


Anonymous said...

Maybe CG should spend less time applauding itself and more time asking itself how it let 2 huge, unsafe ships, Ranger and Juris, pass CG inspections and go to sea in the first place. Our country has lost 2 large fishing vessels in 8 years now. Thats got to be the worst safety record of any civilized nation. So give the CG a hand for that. Maybe CG should spend less effort writing safety rules to match the crappy quality of the ships, and actually do its job. Or if they wont, outsource it to the class societies. At least the classed ships dont sink themselves.

Mark E said...

That's quite the hardon you have for the USCG there, sport. If you include China you're off by a factor of about ten. Be sure and wave off that USCG Jayhawk that is dropping a pump to save you from a briney end.

Mark Ervice