Monday, July 25, 2016

Case dismissed

A Juneau judge has thrown out a lawsuit challenging Gov. Bill Walker's dismantling of the Commercial Fisheries Entry Commission.

Here's the ruling.


Anonymous said...

This was a no brainer. Everybody knew it was coming. The lawsuit was a delay tactic, nothing more. And we paid for it with our UFA dues.

Anonymous said...

Why did this admin order happen in the first place? Because the CFEC is poorly managed. $1.3 million in wasted expense. So the gov takes away the employees from commissioners.

Yeah but why doesnt the gov just remove the commissioners and install someone who can run the place? Isn't that more simple? Do we really need this admin order just because a couple commissioners can't do there job?

mike svenson said...

bobby and ufa were on the right track but I think they couldn't make the case because of their friends and members of ufa. a couple of years ago at the board of fish there was a proposal to let a guy who has a sac roe seine permit to let him do a roe on kelp fishery and he wanted another roe on kelp groups permit for free. and we who have that permit wouldnt be included in that we fought that proposal and a board of fish member asked the fish and game official if they did this could adfg make it happen and he said no problem so the department didn't care about cfec laws. fortunately cfec held their own hearings and ruled it couldnt happen. cfec protects fisheries from people trying to cause problems . adfg didnt really care. so now I think who can pay adfg the most money will win so everybody better pay attention. mike Svenson sitka