Tuesday, April 12, 2016

News of the weird

From the Alaska State Troopers:

Location: Craig marine waters
Type: Suspicious circumstances
On 4/10/16 at 1134 hours, Alaska Wildlife Troopers received a report of a suspicious box floating in the marine waters near Craig. AWT responded via the P/V Interceptor and discovered the box was a military shipping container for a guided missile. During the investigation, a mariner in the vicinity radioed AWT to report they had located an additional guided missile shipping container. Explosives Ordinance Disposal was contacted and helped determine both containers were void of their original contents and the containers were safe to remove from the water to be disposed of. The history of the containers, or where they originated, is unknown at this time. Information on tags attached to the containers was passed along to military authorities.


Deckboss said...

KTUU has more details and photos.


Anonymous said...

U.S. Navy dunnage is my guess, dumped or lost overboard in the GOA during war games. Trace the numbers and cite the skipper. That will cause a loud boom too.

Anonymous said...

I guess Anonymous 5:26 PM didn't bother to read the ktuu article.

Anonymous said...

When we read about a MARPOL citation given to the US Navy, that will be news.