Friday, April 1, 2016

ASMI board news

Gov. Bill Walker recently made appointments to the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute board of directors.

• Tom Enlow, CEO of processor UniSea, replaces Peter Pan Seafoods CEO Barry Collier on the board. While Collier reapplied, the governor went with an "Alaska-based" choice in Enlow, a Walker spokeswoman said.

• Richard Riggs, CEO of Silver Bay Seafoods, fills a vacant seat last held by former Icicle Seafoods CEO Amy Humphreys.

• Mark Palmer, CEO of Ocean Beauty Seafoods, is reappointed to the board.

At its meeting Thursday in Juneau, the board elected Jack Schultheis, general manager of Kwik'pak Fisheries, as chairman.

You can see the full ASMI board lineup here.


Anonymous said...

The Governor made the right move in shaking up the ASMI board. But he didn't go far enough. Enlow is not Alaska based, he is Tokyo based.

This organization has been ineffective, and the proof of this is in the declining fish prices for salmon, herring, and even pollock. ASMI has been dominated by the entrenched big processors. These are the same processors that booted MSC, thereby cutting the value of Alaska salmon by millions. Who do you think paid for this?

Anonymous said...

April fools, right? Asmi is still in business?
Asmi's hard work, vision and attention to detail has kept Alaska Salmon prices at solid 1985 levels for 31 years ($.80/lb sockeye) while the rest of the world puts out vastly inferior farmed product yielding $7.00-$10.00/lb. Kill this deadhead organization off. It accomplishes nothing. It exists only to send lazy people on all expense paid travel around the world, where they accomplish nothing year after year after year after.......

Anonymous said...

For years, ASMI's direction has been heavily influenced by the King of Fishsticks. The Board may be chaired by others, but they have mostly been tools of the King and his minions. Time to overhaul this organization or let it die completely.

Anonymous said...

The house fisheries committee didn't get the memo.

It just passed the Governor's new fish tax revenue of one percent out of committee and amended it to dedicate half of the increase to ASMI, because it is doing a great job in seafood marketing for Alaska.