Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Kelley named Alaska comfish director

Alaska Department of Fish and Game veteran Scott Kelley will be the state's new commercial fisheries director, succeeding Jeff Regnart.

Here's the memo sent last week to department employees:

Dear ADF&G staff,

I am pleased to announce Scott Kelley has accepted the position of Director of the Division of Commercial Fisheries. Many of you know Scott because he has worked for the Division of Commercial Fisheries for nearly 25 years, most recently as a fish and game coordinator for the shellfish and groundfish fisheries in Southeast. Scott holds a Bachelor’s degree in fisheries management and Master’s degree in fisheries science. He also has substantial expertise in the Alaska Board of Fisheries process, years of experience in salmon enhancement planning and project development, a solid understanding of the Pacific Salmon Treaty, and intimate knowledge of the budget process and the various fund sources that make up the division’s budget. His education and experience will be a valued addition to the leadership team.

His first day as director will officially be Wednesday, October 21. Scott will begin by representing the department at the Board of Fisheries Work Session in Anchorage.

Many thanks to Forrest Bowers for stepping forward to act as director during the last few weeks while recruitment efforts were underway.

Please join me in welcoming Scott to his new role, and offering your assistance as he transitions to the director position.


Sam Cotten


Anonymous said...

Seiners got who they wanted.
Horrible news for every one else.
I wonder if the poker games will start again?

Anonymous said...

Wow! Also ASMI appointed a staff member with absolute dismal record as a program manager, failed federal audits , as executive director.

Anonymous said...

His hardline attitudes mean co management or even co operation are still of the table