Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Bristol Bay association clarifies Pebble stance

Read it here.


Anonymous said...

The BBRSDA president is a pebble supporter.
Base price in the bay is 50 cents after 10 years of BBRSDA existence.
The board and executive director positions are in turmoil.
Turn out the lights, the party's over, give us back our money. Thank You.

Anonymous said...

I agree!

Anonymous said...

Please can we move on from BBRSDA, majority of the fleet doesn't support the thing. It's a failed organization. I agree give me back my money. possibly the leadership could vote to shut the thing down?

Erick Sabo said...

Lots of discussion amongst permit holders on FB. Bristol Bay Permitholders

Petition to terminate tax has been started. If you would like to show your support, sign and return the petition to erick_sabo@hotmail.com

Here is a link to the petition: must include your permit #, address, and hard copy signature (you need to scan pdf and send electronically, or by snail mail.)


Anonymous said...

Finally, the BB-RSDA has a fair and qualified board president. The fact that Abe supported Pebble won't influence how he conducts board meetings. He's hands down the best for the job. That said, I must agree with the other posts. It's time to dismantle this board and return the responsibility to ASMI. To do so is really quite simple, we just need to gather up the required number of signatures to force a vote. We will continue to be taxed 1% regardless so don't confuse dismantling the RSDA with keeping your 1%. This board has requested our "understanding" while they restructure and reorganize for 2 years now. No shareholders (members) from any other organization would put up with this. We do so only because we're required.

Anonymous said...

Uhhh, guys, you might want to double-check on that idea of the refunds.

Anonymous said...

Wow i can't believe the BBRSDA president is a pebble supporter. This is certainly a conflict of interest. It almost like he is an advocate for farm salmon.

Anonymous said...

I neglected to mention that if you would like to submit a petition, but are unable to do it electronically, and wish to send it via snail mail or regular USPS, please email me at erick_sabo@hotmail.com or call me at (360) 821-1159 and I will provide you with my address.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Does the board president communicate bbrsda's anti-pebble strategy to northern dynasty? Was he on their payroll? If they put a set-netter in the president's seat there would be rioting in the streets and this is far worse. At least now I can vote to disband the bbrsda with a clear conscience.

Anonymous said...

Does this mean if we disband the BBRSDA that Waldrop, Heyano, Gibbons, Johnstone..get to pay their own legal bills, in that United State's District Court, Judge Holland presiding?

This is going to be better than than that upcoming CRPWSMA election at the Area E RSDA!

I just figured they'd raise the BBRSDA tax to 2% so we could get $.25, in 2016!

Pretty soon, well all need jobs at Pebble, just like at Kennicot Copper Mines, where we pass the penneys on to the lawyers!

Anonymous said...

It isn't smart to dismantle the board and then give our 1% back to ASMI. They will only market our BBay salmon as Alaska salmon. The other areas will be happy to take our money to help with the generic marketing of their salmon. Bristol Bay salmon will no longer be marketed as such.
Salmon price across the state was way down and you can't blame the bbrsda for the price drop.
The Copper River has shown what marketing can do for fish price. Their price only showed a small drop from the year before.

Anonymous said...

BBRSDA five year plan

Strategy #1 - Improve Quality and Value - Do you really need to pay money to be told to chill?

Strategy #2 – Support Research - Here's the list of 2015 research projects. My favorite "Determine level of chilled fish reaching processors."

Strategy #3 – Conduct Marketing and Promotion - How's that going, .50 a pound? Salmon is a fungible commodity sold on a global market, the consumer doesn't care if its from BB, PWS, SE...or russia for that matter.

Strategy #4 – Maintain Sustainability of the Fishery - Is this really a concern that isn't being addressed by fish & game and a whole host of other groups that BB doesn't have to pay for.

Strategy #5 – Strengthen the Organization - self serving

Anonymous said...

Oct 9th at 10:00. You may have a point when you say "It isn't smart to dismantle the board and then give our 1% back to ASMI" So, two things:

1. The BB-RSDA should only exits if the fleet chooses. If not, then it should be eliminated. Everyone should sign the petition and send it in. Let's have a vote. If the fleet chooses to retain the RSDA then fine. If not, then good riddance.

2. We don't have to pay any tax if we choose. That means we could do away with the 1% all together. Of course, nothing is guaranteed but, consider investing an additional 1% per year in a high dividend index fund. I'm willing to bet that would provide higher returns than the RSDA ever could.

Anonymous said...

Wow - can a fishing organization really work if its purpose is solely on marketing and research?

Sounds like BBRSDA was actually designed to be a faux fishing organization with its real environmental purpose to oppose the Pebble Mine.

Huh, who would have thought that could happen...

Time to close shop boys, cause your real purpose is done.

Anonymous said...

I think it would be a mistake to junk the RSDA. In this day and age, it makes sense to promote not just the product, but the way it is produced. The fishery is an icon, a rare resource extraction industry that is renewable. Dump the money into a public relations firm that can portray to the world the benefit and positive economics of this fishery.

Mattlorig said...

Obama going there gave you guys a chance to establish a brand name possibly bigger than copper river.

Anonymous said...

The BBRSDA is not a failure, it is accomplishing more than you naysayers could ever know. When you don't take the time to read through their website, attend meetings, talk to anyone who knows, how could you ever know the truth. The people of the BBRSDA break their balls and backs for you and all you do is complain. Conducting fishing business isn't easy, bitching is. Do something constructive. Don't rip on the best thing you have going for you in the Bay. Seriously, wake the **** up.