Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Former Westward supervisors draw jail time

A federal judge has sentenced two former Westward Seafoods supervisors to jail time in connection with an air pollution case at the company's Dutch Harbor plant.

Here's a lengthy news release from the U.S. attorney's office.


Anonymous said...

What a rock of shit already

Don't even need to read this one

Probably Pittsburg and Detroit air regs for Dutch.
Maybe the burn barrel unattended.


go back home and leave us the fuck alone..


Anonymous said...

Bobby T, there are laws that many of us don't like or agree with. But, the vast majority of us do the best we can to comply and make changes through our elected representatives. As a politically connected guy, you understand this. In this case, these guys intentionally, and for a long period of time, colluded to break the law. Are you condoning this, and if so what other laws could you support breaking?

Anonymous said...

Nobody should be " leave us the fuck alone" when it comes to pollution Bobby T. Our resources are just as good as what habitat we provide them. A jail sentence will hopefully serve as a deterrent to the next guy unless of course Bobby T is that guy.

Anonymous said...

You can't have it both ways. You were'nt saying leave us alone when humpies were .05 a pound.

Anonymous said...

@November 12, 2014 at 8:10 PM Well into happy hour........

Anonymous said...

Typical of a Parnell supporter, lets condone those that break the law intentionally. I wonder what other maneuvers Booby T wishes to keep under the fish hold. You know what they say, birds of the feather flock together.

Anonymous said...

"leave us the fuck alone?"

US Air regs, apply across America.

"The permit was issued by the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation (ADEC), under delegated authority from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)."

Confusing no one in Pittsburg or Detroit, but as usual, everyone headed to Petersburg Virginia.

"According to Karla Perrin, EPA Regional Criminal Enforcement Counsel, who prosecuted the case in conjunction with the United States Attorney’s Office, both defendants were allowed to return to their homes out-of-state pending being designated to a prison facility by the Bureau of Prisons."

Todd W. Granger

Anonymous said...

'T' How can you make such outlandish statements? Surely you of all people must understand that enforcement of pollution laws are hard to come by because they are very difficult to prove. Most of the violations occur out of sight and never witnessed. When they are proven only a stiff fine or jail time will get a future polluter's attention. You might want to recant your last rant while you can. It is the type of comment that may well come back to haunt you. For a seemingly smart man you sure made one of the most stupid statements I have ever read.

Anonymous said...

You are all ignorant of air pollution or any EPA laws

We are having laws applied against us that have communities that are already pristine in air quality.

This is how we got to 5 cent pinks and how we will get back there

I don't mind losing a penny or two to better pollution controls or a penny or two for 10 dollar workers

But every time I see an EPA violation imposed on a processing plant it makes me squirm

Jail time, I say bullshit.
Especially to all of you but the brave Todd granger who puts his name on here.. Who knows who the duck the rest of you whiners are.

1023 pm


What do you mean Parnell isn't keen on polluters

His guys were the ones who gave these EPA guys the keys to the plant.

And whomever said I was a seemingly smart man obviously never met me.

Anonymous said...


Getting cold and the trolls are in thick, eh?

You'd think Bobbyt. Violated something

Ever wonder who pays these EPA fines?
You think it's funny trident, icicle, westward get fines.

You and me com fish guy pay these fines in lower fish prices brother!
That's what T is talking about
That's what we pay him for

Anonymous said...

Let's see. "t" was paid by KPFA to protect their set net fishery last spring and "T" was the moving force from the Seiners to help Parnell get re elected and he is getting paid to blast federal regulators for prosecuting pollution violations. You all think that you are getting your money's worth? No, I think not. "T" is from the T Rex age and about to become extinct. And for your info "T" , I have met you and do not think that you seem to be smart. Just big and loud!

Anonymous said...

I can' believe the ignorant statements on this blog,so a healthy environment doesn't help us fishermen.I remember the ignorant whiners after the exxon valdez supreme court decisions.The biggest cry babies were republican wing nuts that elected the president that appointed the justices who made the decisions in the first place No wonder the general public thinks commercial fishermen have big guts and small brains. PS the more Bobby T talks the more irrelevant be becomes

Anonymous said...

yeah. for all you dumbasses who haven't paid attention, EPA is not our friend

look at the new EPA vessel discharge permits for your 42 footer that does not allow you to wash your decks of fish slime lest you pollute the ocean with unnatural fish slime.

these regs are out in ealy December and will be enforced next year presumably.

im just sayin

i watch the smoke and ash from 4 cruise ships a day here in juneau and i don't see any EPA violations even though it turns our air from the cleanest capitol city in America in december to the dirtiest in July.

if these 4 ships a day were trawlers or seafood plants, there'd be EPA crawling all over them.


Anonymous said...

All operating costs theoretically reduce fish price, just as fines could. But, the simple way to avoid the fines is to comply with the law, instead of trying to cut corners.

Anonymous said...

There are good reasons why the EPA seeks to control emission of NOX and sulfur particulate through mandating use of SCRs and low sulfur fuels. Think back years ago before the impositions of these standards. Ever think about why those tin roofs at the big remote fish plants (the ones that generate their own power) were black? Now think about the people that worked in those places, and the villages near by, and understand that was in the air they were breathing.

In any case, you would think the big processors would embrace these laws. After all, they have the staff and capital to comply, were as the new guy finds them to be just another barrier to entry.

Sorry Bobby T, I will remain anonymous for several reasons. May I suggest that if your postings continue to be rants like the two on this subject that you also remain anonymous. You can do far better and contribute more.

Anonymous said...

"leave us alone",,,right after you buy up a bunch of welfare pinks.

Anonymous said...

So what's all this hub-bub about posting anonymously? Personally I think this Bob guy is a belligerent, self-serving bullying clown. That people point that out repeatedly and anonymously doesn't bother me in the least. I don't know him, don't want to know him and find his low wattage antics only briefly entertaining at best.

Mark Ervice,

Anonymous said...

Impressed. That you put your name in there murky mark

I never met you and I already don't like you either so how's that

That's about how it wraps up. You never met me and don't know me ,but don't like me.

If you aren't hung up on the anonymous label, then why'd you sign your name

Just know if you own a boat alongside your shoreside biz, that you will come to understand my disdain for the EPA new rules.


Anonymous said...

Give it a break "T". You are just getting more foot deeper in mouth with your bluster. You have so few supporters anymore. Don't lose what you have. Take the high road.