Friday, November 28, 2014

Cook Inlet pollock test fishery planned

The state plans to conduct a special fishery for walleye pollock in the Cook Inlet Management Area.

"The purpose of the test fishery is to determine the effectiveness of seine gear for catching pollock," says this announcement from the Department of Fish and Game.

The fishery will run from Dec. 1 to Feb. 28.


Anonymous said...

Seine gear will have no problems catching pollock in Cook Inlet. The bigger question is how many "other" species will be caught and the associated mortality. If they can fish them cleanly, then by all means, go clear out some of the pollock in K-Bay please!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, what will they do about all those kings that they will surely catch? If its done in the winter, that's about all the 'other species' that will be caught. Inside Kachemak Bay, at certain times, there will be no problem round hauling pollock. Other than this bycatch issue, whether it's economical or not is the real question.