Friday, June 27, 2014

Begich, Young net UFA endorsements

U.S. Sen. Mark Begich, D-Alaska, says United Fishermen of Alaska has endorsed his re-election bid.

The Begich campaign says longtime Alaska Congressman Don Young, a Republican, also has UFA's support.

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UFA is the state's top commercial fishing organization. No word yet whether the group likes Gov. Sean Parnell for another term.


Anonymous said...

Don Young? Really? I think, no, I know you could have done better. You cannot clearly see who is the better candidate to represent Alaska fishing interests for the long haul, UFA would have done better to remain silent than than to snuggle up to Don's D.C. slime line. Forrest Dunbar at least has stacking web in PWS on his impressive resume The school teacher from Fort Yukon has mostly been stacking cash donations from outside lobbyists. To put it in fishing terms, throw the lumpsucker back as unwanted bycatch.

Anonymous said...

@June 28, 2014 at 6:41 PM

You've got that right. Disappointed that UFA is so backwards. Of course, being a political organization they will run to suck on body parts should Dunbar pull a Truman. I would be interested to see in the record if any of the CDQ's (think APICDA) ended up as part of the investigations of Young's dalliances. Would be minor compared to the other heavy hitters but it's a known association.

Anonymous said...

An endorsement by UFA is the kiss of death for anyone. When has anything supported by that organization succeeded? Begich should remember that UFA is a commercial fishing organization that opposes the efforts of the hundreds of thousands of Alaskans who live here and want the opportunity to catch their own fish instead of having to buy from the commercial sector. Begich would be better served if UFA came out against him and in favor of his opponents.

Anonymous said...

I am embarrassed that the UFA board of directors supports Don Young. If the whole of UFA had voted, it would have been a different outcome.

Anonymous said...

Plz do not endorse Don Young! Time for change people - wake up...he was once a help, he's now a liability!

Anonymous said...

How about
"It's fucking time folks"

If not the don then whom.

And this IS the full UFA board.
If you are a don young or begich hater, hard to imagine being both at the same time inside the same brain, you and your group had your chance.

did ya think the ufa folks should wait until the outcome is decided like AFN will and endorse in October?

Kudos to UFA

Rock on boys and girls

Anonymous said...

Almost like Joe C or Arni T were back in the saddle again.

Anonymous said...

11:58. Your way of thinking sums up the problem at UFA. And it is because of these mindless decisions of the Association that UFA is pretty much the laughing stock it is. Please tell me the last time that your beloved organization achieved any meaningful benefit for its membership.

Anonymous said...

just becuz we're luzin against you rich, newby, cheechakoes from the valley and fairbanks doesn't mean we're not trying. ufa fought hb77 to a standstill. ufa lost their choice for board of fish but got a ufa member instead anyways. ufa was the spearhead marketing force behind bruce schactlers-ted-frank-don show of the 2000-2008 period. still spending that 65 cent chum and 45 cent pink money. longest bull pink market in history. state spent 125 mill in fed funds to bring salmon back from the abyss.

who was in the lead.


go fuck yourself if you can't admit that you're just a little jealous that a group can endorse both don and the boy senator at the same time, all the while holding the line for most of us in the state. lost some ground since 08 but how much more would we have lost.

gotta ask yourself. if you're a sporty-fag-hanger on here, which you probably are, then fuck yourself.

if you are a commfish guy and you think ufa sucks, then grow a pair and start your own outfit.

Anonymous said...

I'm from Kodiak. I fish. And I am for Begich all the way.

Anonymous said...

Senator Begich.

Approps Committee


Enough said.

Anonymous said...

Ditto 636

Alaskans were dumb enough to throw Stevens out. Now just sit and grin with the replacement.

He's doing just fine.

Lisa and Don even said so before the campaign began.

Anonymous said...

6:33. My, but you are quite emotional aren't you. I'm sure that everyone in your organization is proud of your use of the kings English. People like you who are so good at expressing themselves are just what UFA needs. Perhaps you could take over the position that Charles T currently occupies.