Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Feds see no need for Southeast herring protection

Listing Southeast Alaska herring under the Endangered Species Act is "not warranted at this time," the National Marine Fisheries Service has concluded.

Since 1980, herring in Southeast have shown positive trends in abundance, growth rate and productivity, the agency says.

Here's the press release.


Anonymous said...

No ESA YET! But at the rate that herring are being exploited, it might happen sooner than later. The Dept and the Fish Board better start thinking about just why the agency would even consider an ESA listing. Herring caught to yield just $150 per ton. Give me a break. Stop already!

Anonymous said...

Do not take herring in the first year that they come back to spawn. The round haul gear is not age selective. When the comm catch average size drops to 150mm, you are taking the first time spawners. Errors in the biomass estimate and subsequent quota (especially set at maximum 20%)can have a dramatic impact that results in a reduction in the run. Continuation of this management is what has eliminated herring runs worldwide, but you don't have to believe me, just check where herring have been eliminated by round hauling young fish.

Anonymous said...

You think thats bad look what ADF&G is doing with the se BROWN CRAB.