Thursday, April 17, 2014


The Alaska Legislature today confirmed all of Gov. Sean Parnell's appointees, including the following:

Board of Fisheries
Sue Jeffrey, Kodiak
John Jensen, Petersburg
Fritz Johnson, Dillingham
Reed Morisky, Fairbanks

Commercial Fisheries Entry Commission
Bruce Twomley, Juneau

Fishermen's Fund Advisory and Appeals Council
Larry Bartman, Manokotak


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Anonymous said...

I remember him saying that. Also remember the director of SEAFA publicly opposing Jensen. Big mistake for both her organization and UFA in opposing him. And then after not getting their guy for appointment and the Gov. re-appointing Jensen, they all of a sudden support him. That makes it even worse. Jensen is a good guy, but everyone has their limits. He won't forget this, trust me. Time for the Bobby Ts and the J.Cs. to be relieved of their duties and get some new leadership. I am tired of having to answer questions about an organization I pay into that is supposed to represent SEAK interests. My interests!!