Friday, March 21, 2014

Sitka herring opens, fleet nets 5,000 tons

The Sitka Sound sac roe herring fishery saw its first opener Thursday afternoon.

The action lasted two hours 35 minutes.

"Preliminary processor hails total 5,000 tons," the Department of Fish and Game said. "No fishery planned for today to allow for processing of yesterday's harvest."

The quota for this year's fishery is 16,333 tons.


Anonymous said...

Did they fish without a price?

Anonymous said...

why of course they did

Anonymous said...

Why would they need a price?

Anonymous said...

I wonder what the insurance policy costs to participate in that specific fishery?

Anonymous said...

Does anybody know what Icicle ended up paying for pinks in SE? When were the final retro checks paid this year?

Anonymous said...

Sitka Herring Price? Is Silver Bay Going To Be Ready On Time With New Naknek Plant To Be A Player In Togiak Herring This Year?

Bristol Bay Processors Price War Heating Up, Cash Buyers On The Horizon?

Below is an email sent out to Fleet by New Bristol Bay Player. The $5 grand sounds good, can I get The $10k Advance when my boats in the water and headed to Togiak for Herring?

Good luck boys,
-Olde Herring


Subject: Bristol Bay Market

Dear Fishermen,

We are looking to add fishermen (both drift and setnet) to our fishing fleet in Bristol Bay for the 2014 season. We would like to know if you would be interested in joining our fleet.

My name is Ole Oksvold and I have fished commercially in Bristol Bay for 29 seasons along with multiple other fisheries. I am working with Extreme Seafoods, LLC as a fleet manager and am a part of their fishing fleet as a drift fisherman. They purchased the old Baywatch plant in Naknek. We are building the fleet for Egegik and Naknek and there will be full tender access for both of these rivers. The company has built two brand new tenders and hired others to ensure capacity for all fleet deliveries. As a part of the fleet, here is what Extreme Seafoods will offer:

- GROUNDS PRICE will be $2.00/lb in 2014 for bled/chilled (34-39 degrees) sockeye salmon (there will also be a strong market for chums and late silvers)
- PAYMENTS for deliveries will be made to fleet fishermen within 15 business days of delivery (in some cases even earlier when needed)
- SIGNING BONUS for each fleet fishermen of $5,000 upon signing of contract (for you to keep, it's not credit to charge on or an expense on your account)
- DRAW/ADVANCE of up to $10,000 against payments once your boat is in the water and you start fishing (helps pay towards expenses etc.)
- PURCHASE ORDERS available during the season
- FUEL availability from tender
- FREE BOAT STORAGE in Naknek at plant during offseason
- MESSHALL/SHOWERS/LAUNDRY available at Naknek plant
- SPACE AVAILABLE FOR SHIPPING GEAR AND SUPPLIES NORTH/SOUTH PRE/POST SEASON between Seattle and Bristol Bay. Shipping north in spring 2014 (March)
- FISHING CONTRACT signed between Extreme Seafoods and fleet fishermen

To summarize, Extreme Seafoods is announcing the price now, providing signing bonuses for you to keep, payments will be made based on your deliveries BEFORE the season is over and plenty of other perks, and it's all on paper in a contract! We are interested in signing up fishermen with good character immediately and planning for the upcoming season right now. Communication will be made with the fleet daily to see how things are going and to help out in anyway.

We hope you will consider joining with us and look forward to discussing this opportunity with you. For more information or details, please contact Ole directly at 206-321-9965 or by email at My information is also listed below. Once you decide to become part of the fleet, I will forward the contract to you for your signature and can put you in contact with the company owners directly who will welcome you aboard. These guys are long term and have invested heavily into the Bay. I look forward to 2014 and beyond and hope to have you as part of the fleet. Thanks.

Ole Oksvold
Captain Ole's Wild Alaska Salmon LLC
Fleet Manager
Extreme Seafoods, LLC

Extreme Seafoods, LLC
19401 40th Ave. W. #340
Lynnwood, WA 98036

Naknek Office
1308 Hideaway Rd.
Naknek, AK 99633

Naknek Facility
1.5 Peninsula Highway
Naknek, AK 99633

N/A said...

What are Silver Bay Seafoods offering for Bristol Bay?

Anonymous said...

$2 bucks won't be enough to steal boats,, everyone is going to be at that.

Anonymous said...

Fish with a price?? Come now, it's Alaska and the super seven. The ones that broke us for all these years. They even wrote a book about their king old chuck but it had the wrong title, should have been the king scab book. Sitka herring is just a sport fishery for the boys so they can sit at the bar and show pictures of the biggest catch. Money??? Calm down boys we worry about that later not while we are planning our business and participate in it.
Alaska fishing industry a lesson on how to work for nothing. Thank god for silver bay but Bristol bay poor boys will crawl back to the scum lords.

Anonymous said...

2.00 to start and 2.00 on the backside so 4.00 bucks

Anonymous said...

2 bucks with a huge Frazier run predicted? We shall see

Anonymous said...

Typical bristol bay hijack of a thread....I'm one of those selfish bristol bay fisherman myself and these are good questions and points, well some, but come on really? You think this is the proper place for them?

Anonymous said...

SITKA: Who rammed who?
Who got the big sets? Who got
snookered out of a big set?
Give us the drama, or is there no drama @ $150 a ton?

Anonymous said...

I can hardly think of anything else for which $150 will buy a ton of...unbelievable.

Anonymous said...

So let me get this straight,take 16000 tons for very little value.and then take another twenty thousand tons in dumb are these guys.If you ever sat in a permit holdersmeeting you would know.......real dumb

Anonymous said...

why is the market so crappy in the first place? these fish are worth more feeding other fish then the japanese. with the salmon runs and prices what they were, one would think that this would be a great time to give the herring a break. idiots, all of them, fishermen, processors and the dept., of fish and game.

Anonymous said...

$150/ton to sellout our baitfish. No bait fish no food fish following. When will the state get this. Exactly what happened in Puget Sound.

Anonymous said...

My Dad is 93, grew up in SE, he can remember herring everywhere, all summer long. Kings were not bottom feeders back then, think about that.

Anonymous said...

I am sixty, you dad is right. I too have seen the herring he speaks of. EVERYWHERE early in the morning the herring where flipping as far as you could see. And making bubbles and foam, so much you could smell it. Too bad todays managers have not witnessed this and no films that i know of have documented it. And too bad the players are greedy and will take the last one. VERY DISTURBING INDEED!!