Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Council recommends Chinook cap

Here's the final motion the North Pacific Fishery Management Council passed to limit Chinook bycatch in the Gulf of Alaska non-pollock trawl fisheries.

The council is recommending a hard cap of 7,500 Chinook salmon.

As you can see, however, the motion includes a "uncertainty pool" provision that could give trawlers an additional 1,000 Chinook in some years. At least that's how Deckboss reads it.

Council decisions are subject to Commerce Department approval.

For more background on this, see our prior post.


Anonymous said...

7,500 is better then nothing, would like to see a harder cap. Bering Sea should follow the same rule!

Anonymous said...

Bering Sea trawling should be outlawed. They cannot control what they scoop out of the sea.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the dumping raw sewage in to the Bering Sea rivers and celebrating industrial dredging for a TV series has a little something to do with the runs. Maybe salmon don't like swimming back to rivers full of poop and a maze of suction machines sucking up their spawning beds. Maybe this kind of thing matters more than trawling a thousand miles away in a different ocean.

Anonymous said...

"Bering Sea trawling.........they cannot control what they scoop out of the sea."

It ain't "poop....suction machines...".

It's unethical men altering the sustainable resources for thousands of Alaskans who love the wild salmon resource!

Anonymous said...

Blogger 6/18 @ 1:21 PM needs to get his map out because the Bering Sea is not "a thousand miles away in a different ocean." The people most affected by the lack of King Salmon returning to Alaskan rivers to spawn live in Western Alaska on the shores of the Bering Sea. Making poor people even poorer.