Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Bristol Bay gets going

Out in Bristol Bay, scene of the world's biggest sockeye salmon run, we're starting to see the commercial harvest pick up.

The cumulative catch has now topped 5 million fish, the Alaska Department of Fish and Game reports.

You can track the daily tally here.

The fishery historically has peaked around the Fourth of July.

The catch forecast for this season is a relatively modest 16.6 million sockeye.

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Anonymous said...

Great - all the people on the higher levels of the caste system that we have in Bush Alaska can order their red salmon filets so beautifully flat and packaged for maximum quality while the poor people eat humpies!!!!

I hear the little run that is in the Northwestern most part of the state, the Pilgrim River red salmon run, is showing good sign of maybe, maybe being a good one. It needs to be managed for sustainability so that the people can get a few every six years from now on. The next few runs will not pan out due to the several years of poor escapement. It's in the reports somewhere in the Fish and Game archives. Big crash after the fertilization plan was altered. Little know facts are thought of as lies up that way.