Thursday, July 19, 2012

Governor, commissioner to talk salmon

Gov. Sean Parnell and Fish and Game Commissioner Cora Campbell have scheduled a press conference for 10 a.m. Friday in Anchorage to address "the low salmon runs affecting Alaskans across the state."


Anonymous said...

What's there to say about "the low salmon runs affecting Alaskans across the state."? because that phrase says it all.

Mr. Parnell and Ms. Campbell don't live the lives of the subsistence fisher families in the poorest region of the state so I don't know if they understand the true impact this lack of salmon to live off of is causing. Talking is just that - talking.

Talk about the poorest people in the State who are mostly Native in the Western Alaska villages who cannot harvest traditional numbers for survival anymore.

Talk about the culture and tradition of the Alaska Natives subsisting off the salmon and that it is dying right before our eyes.

Talk about why the people in Nome have had to endure 30 years of salmon subsistence fishing restrictions as we watched the summer chum run head toward extinction all these years.

Talk about the Pilgrim River king run becoming extinct this year as the managers allowed beach seining 'one last time' before they shut down fishing year after year after year. Now the Pilgrim River red run is floundering but, sein it 'one last time' before we shut it down.

Politics, nasty politics, have no place in the management of our natural resources.

Replace poor managers that have poor track records. You know they are not doing the right thing for the people or the resource. Hold them accountable for mismanaging an important resource for Alaskans.

Remove Special Interests influence and control. This is an unfair practice and does not reflect the needs of the people in general. Hold the Special Interest groups accountable for their unfair practices. They have brought a highly professional field down into the gutters with their nasty politics.

You guys in the Alaska Department of Fish and Game know where to look because you are involved.

Anonymous said...

So what's up with five consecutive days of emergency openers for commercial fishers on the Kenai when the dipnetters are going for subsistence? Fish must be somewhere, but they sure aren't going in our freezers.

Anonymous said...

Sean and Cora sure have a big mess on their hands. Maybe they ought to get some real scientists on board like really quick or else they will go down in the Alaska History Books as the Watch who allowed the Alaska Wild Salmon to crash, especially the King Salmon.

Alaska cannot continue to kowtow to the commercial fishing sector and ignore the subsistence users. First priorty is outlined in the State Constitution. It's clear and concise.