Friday, July 20, 2012

State to launch big Chinook study

The upshot of the governor's news conference today is that a panel of scientists will take a "comprehensive" look at Alaska Chinook salmon in an effort to learn why runs are low.

More details in a bit.


Anonymous said...

This is such a let down. We've watched the Alaska Chinook salmon run become weaker and weaker and weaker since the 1980's.

Stalling for a few years to get that ""comprehensive" look" will make sure the runs get even weaker and weaker and weaker and possibly become extinct like the Pilgrim River king run did this year - 3 counted 2012, down from 44 counted in 2011. The extinction will run its course toward the southeastern parts of Western Alaska if we allow this smoke and mirrors crap to continue.

Anonymous said...

Adding real "scientists" to the Alaska Department of Fish and Game would be a better option than more studies to find out why the runs are crashing. Studies take time, real scientists will deal with the problem and find solutions as soon as possible.

It's too late to pray to God to fix the mess man made to one of his finest river creatures in existence.

Anonymous said...

Look to the Shore Based Pollock Trawl in the Bering Sea, And the Aleutian Islands/ Western Gulf of Alaska and the Winter South East Troll fisheries...The BS/AI/GOA has been mis-managed for years! Giving the Trawlers the Upper Limits of Salmon and Halibut Bycatch, by the Councils,is a direct reflection of "He who has the Money makes the Rules"...We need to Start at that level if you want results, and nothing short of it! Problem is....There's a few idiots that sell to the company store, and would rather have the image of looking like they are Rich, they are too spread out on finances, and they are cutting their own throats in the long run.....dumbf*cks

Anonymous said...

the reason the trawler bycatch has been low in recent years is because the draggers finally killed them all but a few.

Anonymous said...

The final solution for salmon bycatch is to eliminate salmon and it is working.

Anonymous said...

Kill 'em all and eat pollock fish sticks.

Anonymous said...

By the numbers.

1. Kill all the salmon and eliminate that pesky bycatch problem.

2. Kill all the pollock.

3. Sell all of the worn out trawlers to the CDQ fools.

4.Retire rich.

Anonymous said...

The above plan is working as planned.

The "CDQ fools" are buying it all up right and left. 27 million here, 30 million there. The plan is working just as those smart rich guys thought it would.

Step in and stop it Uncle Sam.

Anonymous said...

To the numbers guy, your sequence is off so here is how I'd align them:

1. Sell all of the worn out trawlers to the CDQ fools.

2. Kill all the salmon.....

3. Kill all the pollock.

4. Retire rich.

I'll add to your list:

5. Leave a gigantic debt for the poor people of Western Alaska when the pollock crashes.

6. Uncle Sam will bail them out.

That seems to be the plan alright.

Anonymous said...

The revised numbers work for me.

The CDQ program with its cash laden ships of fools is the best thing that ever happened to the fish barons.

It's another cruel hoax on the poor people in the bush but they should be used to it by now. At least they've got alcohol to ease their pain and suicide when they can't take it nomore.

Anonymous said...

I'll bet you a pollock stick that the "fish barons" were in on the CDQ plan from it's start.

I'll bet you another pollock stick that the "fish barons" played their cards right when they talked the CDQ managers into buying into the pollock fishery.

I'll bet you another pollock stick that this CDQ plan is going along as planned.

I'll bet you another pollock stick that they don't give a pollock gut about the poor people in Western Alaska that are being used as pawns in this great money scheme.

I'll bet you another pollock stick that the "fish barons" have been laughing their way to their bank accounts these 20 long, long years.

I'll bet you another pollock stick that once this pollock fishery is no longer lucrative, the "fish barons" will move somewhere else in the world and take advantage of another group of illiterate and ignorant race of people to manipulate into becoming their fools.

In the end, I'll be ahead six pollock sticks while the poor lose their culture, tradition, self-identity, self-esteem and hope for a brighter future.