Thursday, November 3, 2011

What, trust those Canadians?

Sens. Maria Cantwell, Lisa Murkowski and Mark Begich want U.S. testing of British Columbia salmon reportedly infected with the ISA virus. Here's the press release.


Anonymous said...

Call Cora Cambell, but wait she's on another leave of absence?

No big deal, it's just a virus?

Anonymous said...

'Bout time. What's missing , but hopefully next, an embargo of Canadian salmon. NO MORE IMPORTS OF CANADIAN FARMED SALMON.

Anonymous said...

What's missing?

A genetic study of the individuals Darwin explained best, in his Theory of Evolution.

No more imports, of brain dead science, at ADF&G...WDF&G...NMFS... Ministry of Fisheries and Oceans, all ran by a political scientist...

Benedict Arnold, meet John Andre, you favorite Traitor!

Anonymous said...

it's not just the canadians who trust is in question but also the norwegians who own most of the salmon farms. the chilean salmon farm isa outbreak of the disease has be traced back to norwegian supplied eggs. same as the norwegian,scotish,newfounland,and shetland islands outbreaks.

trust no one. test and confirm.

Anonymous said...

This is a good call.

Anonymous said...

"What is missing" comment, your a fkn moron try to be a little constuctive some time instead of your trailer park drama at all times

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

All of use from Wasilla love our Trailer Trash, have you met our Neighbor, the big Gov, with that perfect knocked up trailer trash daughter Bristol. Ever been to our most famous Trailer Parks?

Anonymous said...

Wes, you should be re-posting Dale Kelley's letter...but, I'm too lazy to google and post the link here.

Anonymous said...

Like the USGS Science from 2003?

Those genetic mutations, never happen in a virus, in Alaska!

"Dr. James Winton, fish health section chief of the U.S. Geological Survey’s Western Fisheries Research Center, has conducted much of the research on ISA. He co-authored a paper in 2003 that showed Pacific salmon less susceptible to ISA than Atlantics, but included was a cautionary note, that the threat to Pacific salmon should not be ignored, since viruses often adapt. Winton has described last week’s ISA finding as a “disease emergency” with “global implications.”

But of course that Wasilla Trailer Trash is always worried about another politician with a virus between the ears!

"The Clock is Ticking" and these imbeciles from your Trailer Trash Neighborhood's are still sleeping

Anonymous said...

To the guy who uses the "fkn" language, you do realize, that you the trash.

Anonymous said...

We need the "Board of Trailer Trash"

It's always required, and shown best in their most IMPORTANT, and most recent fisheries action, of course the mutant gene pool's inbreeding clause as required by
Mr. Johnsons newest and best "Trailer Trash Proposal" of such pressing importance?

Trailer Trash? Where inbreeding, a BOF membership requirement, and the most important item of the docket???????????????????????????

Anchors Away?

- 5 AAC 39.975 (XX). Definitions. Establish a definition for “anchor roller” as follows:
5AAC 39.975(XX) “anchor roller” means a device used solely in aid of deploying and retrieving anchor gear, and does not provide any additional flotation, planing surface, sea keeping ability, buoyancy, deck space, or structural support to the vessel;
ISSUE: During summer months of 2011, reports were received by the Alaska Department of Public Safety that commercial purse seine fishing vessels longer than the allowable overall length were being used to take salmon. The Alaska Legislature has limited the allowable length of purse seine vessels in Alaska to 58 feet in "overall length" (AS 16.05.835). The Alaska Legislature defines “overall length” as the straight line length between the extremities of the vessel, excluding anchor rollers. The term “anchor roller” is not defined on a statewide basis.
It was found that vessels of more than 58 feet in overall length had been modified by removing a section of the bow (in one case, several feet of vessel hull length), and then bolting the bow section back on. The owner then considered this hull section to be an “anchor roller.” A clear definition on a statewide basis is needed to clarify what is and is not an "anchor roller."
WHAT WILL HAPPEN IF NOTHING IS DONE? The term "anchor roller" will continue to be undefined in regulation and may continue to be disputed or misunderstood by the public.
WHO IS LIKELY TO BENEFIT? The general public and law enforcement will have a clear definition of "anchor roller." Disputes or misunderstanding will be minimized.
OTHER SOLUTIONS CONSIDERED? No other solutions were considered as a clear definition would be of best service to the public.
PROPOSED BY: Board of Fisheries

Anonymous said...

At the risk of simplicity, repeal the length limit.

The original intent was to secure Alaskan fisheries from larger vessels from down below. Didn't the CFEC address that with the limited entry move? Time marches on and it is well past the time that we clean up the books by repealing these outdated laws.

Anonymous said...

Oh that right, America ran by that leaky sewer pipe under that Wasillisa Confederate Trailer Trash Party?

Bridges to Nowhere?

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I forgot about tat Trailer Trash???

Anonymous said...

Art Nelson, Keep Trash!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

"The deadly virus was initially found in two sockeye smolts taken about 400 miles up the British Columbia coast from Vancouver. Subsequently, the ISA virus was found in the fins of three adult salmon -- a Chinook, a chum and a coho -- taken out of the Harrison River in the Fraser Valley early last month...Fearing the finger of blame, salmon farming spokesmen in British Columbia are discounting the chances of an ISA outbreak, pointing to Norweigan Fish Farm Scientist, Dr. Nylund's finding."

But additional testing on the sockeye smolts, done at the University of Bergen in Norway, was not able to confirm the findings, "weakly positive, from the post mutated Trailer Trash Frankenfish and his friend's Dr. Nyland and Dr. Jeckell, and Dr. Hyde.

off2fish said...

Seventeen comments,all anonymous. Why? Are the posters embarrassed by their child like comments on such a serious matter? Does it feel good to hide behind a cloak when spewing verbiage about trailer trash? Are you not capable about speaking of the real issue of farm raised salmon from foreign countries(yes Canada)destroying native Alaskan salmon runs? Shame on you.

Anonymous said...

Off2fish, I notice that you don't post your name, nor a photo of your face in the light. What were you saying?

Anonymous said...

off2fish, obviously you do not recognize wit, wisdom, and wordplay. Shame on you. Come back when you do.

Anonymous said...

If you live in a trailer, don't take it personally, unless, you is da trash.

Anonymous said...

I'm investing in Salmon Farms!!!...Screw it!....Might as well retire RICH! Right?.....Everybody else in this state sold out the honest working guy with no hesistation...Fuck you all!!!...I'm gonna be RICH!...And I'll buy the nicest Trailer Park (with trash)and put it on a Beach near you, and drain my shit pipe into your wild stocked oceans!!!...Again Fuck you Alll!!!!hahaha....I'm gonna put Trident in the Red my shits are so Big!!!

Lianne Vipond said...

Canadians have a motive???

Anonymous said...

Pattison, is that you? Buying the fish farms, trailer parks, and laying turd pipes straight into our oceans? C'mon Jimmy, brown cod taste like, well, turds.

Anonymous said...

Ya got me!