Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Severe weather coming; trawler needs assist

Deckboss is sure you've seen some of the many media reports of rough weather sweeping into the Bering Sea and Western Alaska.

The U.S. Coast Guard this afternoon issued this press release talking about its preparations, plus efforts to asset a disabled trawler.

The release says in part:

The Coast Guard and commercial services are currently responding to a request for assistance from the 143-foot fishing trawler Rebecca Irene 138 miles northwest of Unimak Pass in the Bering Sea.

Communications Station Kodiak received a call from the master of the fishing vessel at 3:45 a.m. reporting that one of their engines had become inoperable and they were under way with limited propulsion. They are headed toward Unimak Island at about 6 mph with 34 people aboard. The weather is forecast to degrade to 55 mph winds with seas of 35-feet by late afternoon.

The cutter Sherman is currently on scene and is planning to take all nonessential Rebecca Irene crewmembers aboard. The transfer will be conducted using the Sherman's small boat.

The parent company of the Rebecca Irene has contracted with Magone Marine of Dutch Harbor for the tug Double Eagle to respond and tow the fishing vessel.

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