Friday, April 8, 2011

Shattered femur, severed fingers and 'crab asthma'

Who you gonna call? USCG photo

The U.S. Coast Guard last week briefed the North Pacific Fishery Management Council on search and rescue cases from the past few months. Here are a few select items. They're raw, with lots of annoying acronyms and abbreviations. Some provide significant new details on cases we've previously reported here on Deckboss.

Date: 12/8/10
Vessel: Izzy B
Sector Juneau received a radio call out from the vessel Death Barge reporting that there was a vessel on fire in Port Santa Cruz, Southeast Alaska. The vessel Stellar Sea reported all persons previously on board the vessel on fire are now safely aboard the BJ. Sector Juneau issued a BNM and requested an over flight at first light. Owner of the vessel on fire contacted Sector Juneau and stated the name of the vessel was Izzy B and had approx 300 gallons of diesel fuel on board. Owner anticipates the Izzy B burning to the water line. Case closed.

Date: 12/23/10
Vessel: Siberian Sea
D17CC was notified by Health Force Partners that the F/V SIBERIAN SEA had a 25 yom crewmember with possible kidney failure. Crewmember awoke with severe swelling in lower extremities. The flight surgeon, along with Health Force Partners, suspected that the over-usage of ibuprofen, due to an earlier injury, possibly overtaxed his kidneys and caused high blood pressure and swelling. The flight surgeon determined the patient to be stable with the medications onboard and recommended the vessel continue with the plans to transport the patient to St. Paul. D17CC placed the F/V SIBERIAN SEA on a 4 hour communications schedule and monitored the patient's conditions during the transit. The vessel arrived at St. Paul at 251300v Dec 10. Closed.

Date: 1/20/11
Vessel: Independence
District Seventeen received a request from the C/P INDEPENDENCE for the maritime MEDEVAC of 03 crewmembers who were involved in an accident, most notably one who was suffering from a broken femur. The duty flight surgeon was consulted and recommended MEDEVAC of the shattered femur patient, along with the other two members if operations allowed. Air Station Kodiak was unable to respond to the vessel due to extreme low visibility in Kodiak, so the M/V EASTERN WIND embarked the 03 patients, the ship medic and a translator and transported them to Kodiak without incident. The patients were evaluated at Providence Hospital and there were no further requests for USCG assistance. Case Closed.

Date: 2/2/11
Vessel: Siberian Sea
D17 Command Center called by the master of the F/V SIBERIAN SEA regarding a crewmember onboard suffering from possible drug/alcohol withdrawal. The 24 YOM was lying on the deck in convulsions and vomiting. Health Force Partners- Seattle and the duty flight surgeon conferenced in and agreed that the patient was going to be fine onboard the vessel. At 2330V the vessel transferred their patient to St. Paul and the duty PA there examined him and found him medically fine. The patient will be commercially transferred to his home of record when next able. Case Closed.

Date: 2/8/11
Vessel: TerriGail
District 17 Command Center was notified by MORGENTHAU that they overheard mayday traffic from the F/V TERRI GALE who had lost power and propulsion off the west coast of Unalaska Island. Master was trouble-shooting engine and did not request any assistance. Due to poor comms and remote location MORGENTHAU was diverted to assist and arrived on scene at 0830V. Tug REDEEMER from Dutch Harbor was hired by the vsl owner and has an ETA of 1530V. F/V TERRI GALE attempted to anchor with long line gear and anchors as well as with installed anchor with no success. MORGENTHAU passed a tow line messenger to the F/V but the vsl was unable to haul the hawser onboard in the conditions and the line became tangled in the cutter's port prop. MORGENTHAU cleared her propeller but was unable to reattempt towing due to proximity to shoal. CG6504 launched from Dutch Harbor and transported the 05 POB from TERRI GALE to MORGENTHAU. TERRI GALE is now hard aground with 800 gal of diesel onboard. CG-6504 scheduled for first light flight with FOSC and MSD Unalaska to assess salvage and MEP plans. Case pends for MEP.

Date: 2/11/11
Vessel: Midnite Sun
Sector Anchorage was notified by the Good Sam SEA WARRIOR that the F/V MIDNITE SUN had run aground and was taking on water ivo West Afognak Island, 36 NM NW of Kodiak city. MIDNITE SUN was an 85' F/V with 05 POB, all in donned immersion suits. The SEA WARRIOR was nearby but was unable to assist due to 18'+ seas. CG-6007 was launched from Air Station Kodiak, proceeded to the vessel, and hoisted all 5 POB off and to Kodiak without further incident. The MIDNITE SUN's engine room had flooded, the vessel began to break apart and it was beginning to turn on its side prior to the crew being hoisted off. An over-flight is scheduled for today, weather pending, to determine whether the vessel can be salvaged at all. There were 6,000 gallons of diesel fuel onboard the MIDNITE SUN between 4 non-integral tanks.

Date: 2/15/11
Vessel: Lilli Ann
D17 CC received a request from Health Force Partners - Seattle for the maritime MEDEVAC of a 43 YOM onboard the F/V LILLI ANN who had experienced a severe laceration to his right foot. The Duty Flight Surgeon was consulted and recommended a MEDEVAC due to the possibility of the crew member losing his large toe if he could not make it in to surgery in time. CG-6014 launched from FOL St. Paul with CG-6011 flying cover, safely hoisted the crew member and returned to St. Paul where awaiting EMS took over care of the crew member until transferring to a Life Flight aircraft. Case Closed.

Date: 2/19/11
Vessel: Baranof
Phone call from company of F/V BARANOF concerning a crew member requesting MEDEVAC of a crew member suffering from "crab asthma" 35 NM NW St Paul, AK. The flight surgeon was consulted and he recommended that the patient was not in need of immediate MEDEVAC and should be watched throughout the night. The vessel transited into St. Paul Harbor safely and offloaded the crewmember to awaiting St. Paul Clinic EMS without further incident. Case Closed.

Date: 2/21/11
Vessel: Laura
MILPO in Kodiak contacted D17 relaying a report of an injured fisherman with two severed fingers on board the F/V LAURA. The vessel is underway in Shelikof Strait. D17 contacted the vessel and the Captain stated that the crewmember was stable and the bleeding isolated. After briefing the F/S MEDEVAC was recommended due to the possibility of a hand surgeon in Kodiak conducting repairs to the hand that could greatly improve future use of the appendages. After further investigation the Hand Surgeon is not available at this time and MEDEVAC would not benefit the crewmember to the level warranting a MEDEVAC. D17 F/S now does not recommend MEDEVAC and D17 will monitor this via COMSCHED as a MEDICO. 210337V: Master advised that the vessel is now dockside in Kodiak and the subject has been transported to the hospital. Case Closed.


Mr. Anonymous said...

Heard the Terri Gail was getting rebuilt as a Fred Wahl. Don't quote me on it though, just overheard it on the docks. Seems as if the master of the vessel did not take adequate measures to keep his former lady off the beach, why should insurance build him another one? It's a limited entry fishery and he's getting a bigger boat out of his "accident." This only gives a bad name to those truly in need of assistance and causes the insurance club as a whole to suffer. Anyone working in the same fleet as the Terri Gail should wise up.

Mr. Anonymous

Mr. Anonymous said...

Looks as if the Coast Guard is preforming excellently in transporting injured seaman from ship to shore. What happens when they get to the EMS though? Are there life flights waiting on the tarmac or is that up to vessel insurance to provide?

Mr. Anonymous

Anonymous said...

oxycontin's one helluva drug ain't it?