Sunday, April 24, 2011

Princely prawns

The Prince William Sound commercial shrimp pot fishery wrapped up its first opener of the season on April 19, and the preliminary results are in: 33 boats caught about 10,000 pounds over five days.

The Alaska Department of Fish and Game reopened the fishery at 8 a.m. yesterday, and boats can keep catching until 8 p.m. April 29. The quota for the season is 52,760 pounds.

This is the second consecutive year for a commercial shrimp pot harvest in the Prince William Sound. The fishery previously was closed for 18 years due to weak shrimp stocks.

In 2010 the fleet took 45,349 pounds of shrimp out of a quota of 55,000 pounds.

Shrimpers haul up predominantly spot shrimp, also known as spot prawns, in their pots.

These are big, luscious shrimp, the kind Forrest Gump and Bubba Blue could talk about all day long.

Spot shrimp are the largest variety of shrimp in the North Pacific. They take their name from the white, paired spots located just behind the head and just in front of the tail.


Anonymous said...

any leads on where these can be bought in Anchorage?

Anonymous said...

10th and M Seafoods and New Sagaya's usually has them.

Publius said...

Hey Wes, Joe McGinniss has a pretty good question for you:

Yes, Loy writes, “I asked her not to be mad at me for what I was about to ask, and her eyes seemed to twinkle with anticipation.”

If he was dazzled by her twinkling eyes, how much attention could he pay to her belly?
Also, in more than forty years of journalism, I’ve never asked a subject “not to be mad at me for what I was about to ask.”

And even then he wrote that she didn’t look pregnant. And only now, when trying to make a living from a commercial fishing blog in Alaska, does he suddenly remember what he actually saw, which utterly contradicts what he wrote at the time. A cross-examiner might ask: “Mr. Loy, were you lying then or are you lying now?”

I wonder if Loy is counting on help from commercial fisherman Todd with his blog.

And do you suppose Salon would have printed his account, if he’d said, “Nope. She didn’t look pregnant at seven months. Period.” No, only by recanting could he make his first national splash.

So, are you lying now or were you lying then?

Anonymous said...

Yo, Pubis...get a life.

Anonymous said...

sounds interesting.

umbriago said...

this Publius is an ass.

Anonymous said...

My father told me that there used to be a species of giant prawn about 14 inches long at the Priblof Islands years ago. He said, He found them on the south and east sides of St.Paul island during the 70's. Anyone else heard of this?