Saturday, March 19, 2011

Another salmon certification

More than a year ago we told you the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute had chosen an Irish outfit, Global Trust, to potentially certify the state's commercial fisheries as well-managed.

Well, now comes word that the salmon fishery has, in fact, been found to measure up against United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization criteria.

Not exactly a shock there.

This builds on the sustainability certification Alaska salmon already holds from the London-based Marine Stewardship Council.

For more information, click here or read the ASMI press release.


Anonymous said...

A kiss from MSC is a whore's kiss. What a nice thing, that is...come on wake up! A reporter is what, a mouth piece for whomever has a dollar to suff in your pants?

Anonymous said...

ASMI: "Sustainable 'cause we say so". LOL!